For centuries, religious hostilities have spawned cruelty and killing. Order books by James A. Haught now The animal walked through a Muslim holy ground at Moradabad, near New The history of religion is a horror story. Holy horrors by James A. Haught; 4 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Asesinato, Aspectos religiosos, Historia, History, Jihad, Murder.

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Haught was born in in a small West Virginia farm town that had no electricity or paved streets. From the 11th to 13th centuries, they killed numerous leaders in modern-day Iran, Iraq and Syria.

Jim Jones killed a visiting congressman and three newsmen, then administered cyanide to themselves and their children in a person suicide that shocked the world. At major ceremonies up to children were burned as offerings. There is a bibliography at the end, but not even all the sources mentioned in the text are included there. In Saudi Arabia a teen-age princess and haughg lover were executed in public in Cleric Raymond of Aguilers wrote: Changed in a Flash. Uaught you dismiss, please consider making a donation.

He graduated from a rural high school with 13 students in the senior class. On Saint Bartholomew’s Day inCatherine uames Medicis secretly authorized Catholic dukes to send their soldiers into Huguenot neighborhoods and slaughter families.


After his death, Pius was canonized a saint. The Future Is Open. Start Where You Are. The Wisdom of King Solomon. In the Sudan in and66 thieves ajmes axed in public. When the besieged city of Beziers fell, soldiers reportedly asked their papal adviser how to distinguish the faithful from the infidel among the captives.

Holy Horrors by James A. Haught | : Books

Inafter Sikh guards riddled prime minister Indira Gandhi with 50 bullets, Hindus went on a rampage that killed 5, Sikhs in three days. News reports of the civil war tell of “Maronite Christian snipers,” “Sunni Muslim suicide bombers,” “Druze machine gunners,” “Shi’ite Muslim mortar fire,” and “Alawite Muslim shootings.

Jekyll and ignoring Mr. In Speyer, Germany, the burned bodies were piled into giant wine casks and sent floating down the Rhine. Thugs were claiming about 20, lives a year in the s until British rulers stamped them out.

Holy Horrors by JAMES A. HAUGHT – Penguin Books Australia

In a rite to the maize goddess, a virgin danced for 24 hours, then was killed and skinned; her skin was worn by a priest in further dancing. If anyone doubts it, just review this chronicle of religion’s gore during the last 1, years or so:. Personally, he enjoys hiking with Kanawha Trail Club, participating in a philosophy group at Edgewood Summit, and taking grandchildren swimming off his old sailboat at Lake Chaweva, where he lives.


During the past three centuries, religion gradually lost its power over life in Europe and America, and church horrors ended in horrirs West. About were actually buried before British governors stopped the ceremonies. But the truth can be horribly different.

Despite its genuine flaws, though, this does have value as a single focused source of information on religious atrocities of various sorts by and against various religious groups. Zelmer Wilson rated it it was amazing May 12, He has four children, 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. It also undermines his credibility that in his foreword the author uses the anthrax attacks as an example of a religiously motivated attack.

The history of religion is a horror story.

Holy Horrors: An Illustrated History of Religious Murder and Madness

Reports said that the pierced host bled, cried out, or emitted spirits. Jamex are no discussion topics on this book yet. Two years later, the religious government massacred 20, Baha’is.

Ronald Reagan often called religion the world’s mightiest force for good, “the bedrock of moral order.