1 Sep Six Secrets from the Hunzas to a Long and Healthy Life diet upon which the Hunzakuts and other healthy peoples of Northern India, subsist. Click Here to receive the complete “Hunza Health Secrets” ebook free with Peter Kelders “The Eye of Revelation.” These people are not the product of legend. Hunza Health Secrets for Long Life and Happiness has 10 ratings and 1 review. Norm said: I like this book and Gaylord Hauser’s New Treasury of Secrets.

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Carol rated it liked it Aug 22, Specialists believe that it is this special bread that endows year-old Hunza men with their ability to conceive children, something that is unheard of here in the west. Sophie marked it as to-read Feb 26, To be more precise, the Hunza country, with a population of only 30, is situated at the extreme northern point of India, where the borders of Kashmir, China, India and Afghanistan converge. The energy and endurance of the Hunzas can probably be credited as much to what they don’t eat as what they do eat.

Have a coffee or smoke a cigarette, both of which drain energy in the long run, although they may have a temporarily stimulating effect. They call themselves the Hunzas pronounced Hoonzas and live in what has come to be known as the roof of the world – the mountain peaks of the Himalayas. They drink substantial amounts of “Glacial Milk” which is milky colored water fresh melted from base of glaciers, rich in rock flour and minerals. It is this part of a grain which gives it its reproductive power, as well as its brown color.

Bulgarians, who also eat a lot of yogurt, are another people who live to a ripe old age. Roll into very thin rounds, about 8 inches in diameter. More than just not being affected by diseases that strike down so many of our peers in the prime of life, the Hunzas seem to possess boundless energy and enthusiasm, and at the same time are surprisingly serene.


Nothing stated on my pages should be considered as medical advice for dealing with a given problem. Well, the basis of the Hunza diet, which to a large extent is dictated by the rather harsh climatic and geographical conditions of their home country, can be summed up in one word: Interestingly enough, the Hunza approach resembles that outlined by Hippocrates, father of modern medicine, who lived over years ago in ancient Greece.

Of course it would be impossible for us to live that way. Books by Renee Taylor. Typical Hunza Bread is made fresh each day from stone ground grains, primarily, wheat, barley, buckwheat and millet. There are a couple of recipes included below.

And not only seem sickly, but actually junza sick! Unfortunately, westerners tend to associate the whiteness of hjnza with purity, something that is completely false. How different is that attitude to our own, in light of what the Hunzas have accomplished?

Hunza Health Secrets for Long Life and Happiness

An ordinary Hunza day starts early – around five a. It is also said that they are the happiest people on earth. Fold in stiffly beated eggs and bake in a hot oiled pan at oF for secrrts 40 minutes. Pawel added it Jun 16, It can be made from wheat, millet, buckwheat or barley flour, but what is most important is that the flour is whole, i.

It is said that this tiny group of people, residing in an inaccessible valley about meters feet above sea level, are hea,th or less completely cut off from the outside world.

You can get apricot seeds in your health food store, get only the dried ones which don’t have all the important enzymes killed off. But at the same time they possess the wisdom of the sages.

Use one-third wheat flour, and two-thirds buckwheat flour. The basic precept of their common notion of what constitutes a proper diet is simple: Mix all the ingredients. The Hunzas do not seem to worry about the future, nor are they burdened with concerns about the past.


All Hunza added it May 06, And awaken people to a new way of thinking about what it takes to make life more rewarding and fulfilling. Most westerners are not even aware that they are living in an almost constant state of stress. Jan 10, Norm rated it liked it. Almonds are eaten whole, or used to make oil through a process that has been transmitted from generation to generation. This may sound surprising, since most nutrition experts here in the west stress the importance of a hearty breakfast, even though our life-style is relatively sedentary compared to that of the Hunzas, who engage in demanding physical labor all morning long on an empty stomach.

For the Hunzas, relaxation is essential. Beef and mutton are rarely used – chicken is their most common source of animal protein. In other words, it gets sick, suffering a nervous breakdown or worse — a fatal heart attack.

Health Secrets of the Hunzas – Live a Long & Healthy Life

Renee Taylor, in her book Hunza health secrets Prentice-Hall says that the Mir,or ruler of Hunza, was recently instructed by Pakistani authorities to spray the orchards of Hunza with pesticide, to protect them from an expected invasion of insects.

It’s a great survival food to take camping and hiking. Most exercise is done outdoors in order to take advantage of the pure mountain air, which in itself has a beneficial effect on health.

Leonardo marked it as to-read Dec 20, Beat the egg yolks well adding 2 tbs. Both books have much more in them, but I have mainly read and re-read the sections on exercise and found them very helpful. All it takes is a little willpower. They are swcrets adapted to their environment, and to their way of life.