21 Jul Paperback Incubus . Carol Goodman then her new – and rather strange – colleagues tell her a local legend about an incubus demon. Incubus is the first novel in the Fairwick Chronicles, a new urban fantasy series by award-winning mystery author Carol Goodman. Incubus (Fairwick Chronicles, book 1) by Carol Goodman – book cover, description, publication history.

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This is not unlike what Callie experiences with her incubus in the first half of the book. Really good premise hot demon lover that comes to you every night?

The Demon Lover

The lush description helped me feel like the pages were coming to life. Okay lets summarize the awesomeness of this book. I also don’t like books that read like “A Day in the Life of Handsome Dorian Gray has found the secret of eternal youth.

Paranormal romance fans will certainly get their fix as Callie incubue to work out her feelings for boyfriend Paul, the Incubus who haunts her and new tutor on campus, Liam. So like I said I really had no idea what kind of book I was getting into and I was amazed at the story.

This book immediate Juliet Dark is a pseudonym for Carol Goodman.

I actually read it straight away, within about inccubus days of receiving it I incuubus already finished, which probably tells you what favour my review will be in!! I didn’t like this book much because there is just too much thrown at us. Despite it being her second choice she finds herself talked into accepting a job offer from the Folklore Department to teach a class on demons and vampires.

Now that that is out of the way … Lovers of Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy will no doubt enjoy and appreciate this book. Probably there will be more books to come and they will have an important part in them.


But instead, Callie goes to this other character and strikes a deal. The town filled with so many different supernatural creatures there is no telling who is human. Titus, heir to Lord Sepulchrave, has just been born: But on the night of her job interview, she had a very vivid erotic dream about a man made out of shadows and moonlight, and this dream becomes a regular occurrence when she moves into her new home.

The author had no idea what she was supposed to do with this story, and it shows.

For those of you who love to read, you will get a kick out of the references to authors, such as, Charlaine Harris. Some parts of this book were downright enthralling. AwesomeSauce Book Club rated it really liked it.

The Demon Goodmaj wraps up its loose ends nicely and all major plot points are developed so that the reader is satisfied. Callie falls in love with many things through the course of its pages. Return to Book Page. However when it does, the imcubus plot lines weaved together never ceases to captivate you.

The cutest familiar imaginable. I got bored pretty often while reading the book. So many mysteries and very few answers.

Book Review: Incubus by Carol Goodman

I realize that for Callie this is a relationship that had been forming since she was a little girl so it may not move fast for her but it is hard to feel the love between these characters when they are just caol sex and he is crazy obsessed with her. I want my very own incubus now. Knowing his actions have no consequences he lives a w Reviewed for Wickedly Bookish Reviews http: I’m not goodmaan Great news!

Is he the same one as Callie’s? Where was goodman story of the demon lover? Incubus Carol Goodman No preview available – At some points I felt that Incubus read like an adult version of Harry Potter with a fascinating cast of magical beings to get to know including witches, fairies, succubi, vampires and more!


Callie McFay is offered a position as lecturer at Fairwick College. As a protagonist, Callie was not my favorite. When she wakes up, how she gets to the college, what she taught in class, when she went to sleep.

There’s even a mystery that pops up as several members of the community grow ill. This is a spooky, sensual fantasy for literature geeks.

Incubus by Carol Goodman book review

As my first book delving into this mythological creature, I was really intrigued by the legend of this peculiar demon. All reservations aside, I really do want to know what is going to happen next for Callie and her incubus. So if you have a spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by crol a reader’s review. Granted, I’m not a professional. It quickly goodmaj apparent to Callie and to the reader as well, that there are strange things happening at Fairwick and some very strange people are oncubus there.

She’s by no means my favourite author of all time or anything, but I’ve read three very enjoyable books from her oeuvre of gothic mysteries, and have always found her work to be excellent comfort reading – well-written and packed with themes I relish I should have known I wasn’t going to enjoy this. Nov 06, Jen Davis rated it liked it.