Peter Kahrel’s GREP in InDesign, 3rd edition, a page PDF ebook at the end of a story · Making a character lowercase · Video tutorial on GREP (pre CS3) . A GREP Style is a way to apply a character style to some text inside a paragraph, based on a GREP pattern. GREP, as we’ve discussed, is a. InDesign Secrets provides a list of GREP resources at . string only if it is followed by the specified pattern.

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Experiment with the examples in this table to learn more about GREP searches. Search options for finding and changing text. To do this, create a Paragraph Style containing the Tab Stop attributes that you want. Disregards search characters if they are part of another word.

After you select a search query, you can adjust the settings to fine-tune your search. Finding text within quotation marks.

Using GREP styles in InDesign

Click the button beside the Glyph box, and then double-click a glyph on the panel. At the bottom of the dialog box, specify a range from the Search menu, and click icons to determine whether items such as locked layers, master pages, and footnotes are included in the search. For example, setting Drop Shadow to On includes drop shadow formatting in the search; setting Drop Shadow to Off searches for objects in which drop shadow formatting is turned off; setting Drop Shadow to Ignore leaves drop shadows out of the search.


Single Left Quotation Mark. You may also need to expand your search. To see details about a selected font, click More Info. To search more than one document, open the documents.

Putting it all together, we have? Search only selected text. If you specify formatting for your search criteria, info icons appear above the Find What or Change To boxes.

You can find and change composite fonts, but you cannot change component fonts that indesugn part of composite fonts. Searches for text on master pages. Use metacharacters to search for special characters, such as a tab. Tips for constructing GREP searches. A query is a defined find-and-change operation. Search the entire document or All Documents to search all open documents.

You can search in a forward or backward direction. Instead, you can create a GREP style within the paragraph style which will automatically find and style the text for you. If fonts are not completely embedded in graphics, the indesigj name may not be listed in the Find Font dialog box. When you turn on Preview, you can edit the expression until it affects all your examples properly.

Find and change glyphs. Find and change objects. Search all text tutoria, the currently selected frame, including text in other threaded text frames and overset text. Find Font is not available in a Story Editor window. For example, you can choose the Phone Number Conversion query, which looks like this: The searches for any character. Nonbreaking Space fixed width. Use a predefined query to find and replace text.


The Find First button is unavailable if the selected font is used in an imported graphic or if you selected multiple fonts in the list. Use similar patterns for negative lookbehinds? Enter the search expression manually. To change just one occurrence of the selected font, click Change. The Online Regular Expression Testing Tool is a great way to test out expressions, and the right sidebar has a glossary of expressions.

If you want any paragraph or character style that includes the font being searched for to be redefined, select Redefine Style When Changing All. That literally means only one letter, though, so I need to go to Repeat and select One or More Times. Replace with clipboard contents.

GREP still drives me nuts. Find and change text. For indeaign on OpenType and other formatting attributes, search for the related topic in InDesign Help. The end of the regex can, perhaps, be completed with? You can also choose wildcard options such as Any Digit or Any Character.

Using GREP styles in InDesign

This string looks for any of these variations. For example, you could use these expressions:. I have the Preview box selected, so as soon as I click off of that text field, I can see that Smith Associates is now bold and magenta throughout the body text.