14 Jan This tutorial covers a core set of Intel XDK features to help you learn the app development workflow.; Author: Android on Intel; Updated: 14 Jan. 20 Sep In this Article we will discuss about Cross Platform Development using Intel XDK. Cross platform development stands for write a single. 12 Aug gdevelop:tutorials:howtouseintelxdk. Sidebar Choose then Export to iOS or Android with Cordova (Intel XDK) and click on Export.

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Use the QR code with the App Preview QR code reader accessible from the camera icon to launch your app on your test mobile device. As we all know ,In current time there are large numbers of mobile users and mobile applications are increasing rapidly ,day by day.

Use Intel XDK to export to Android or iOS

Can I send my question via email to you? We can easily find if the app is currently running in emulator or device by the below code snippet document. Register and log in. The same instructions also a For example you can manually add a back button and specify a title.

Get To Know the Tuttorial Device Window After you start the simulatorthe virtual device window pops up in a separate window.

It interacts with users and onboard sensors. The App Designer also supports all these frameworks. This file is used to detect ready events from the various libraries in use. Opening and closing each palette – Click the palette header bar.

In this tutorial I will show how to secure your local data by encrypting. This inel the option we will choose for this tutorial. Encrypting local data is important for every apps perspective.


To release a app into Google play store you need to sign the Android apk file. This file does not contain any application code and is not required for your app to execute on a real mobile device. Toggle from the Home tab to the Photos tab and you will see that no back button is shown.

Some visual aspects of your app may render differently on real devices, especially if the real devices have an old OS version. Use the TEST tab to evaluate – over the network – how your app looks and performs on a real physical mobile device without performing a full build.

Uttorial are three main project types: What must I do to make it scroll? Twitter Login is a form of thtorial sign-on using existing login information from Twitter by creating a new login account if doesn’t already exist speci Url of the website. First of all download intel XDK. Build Your App It is time to build your app!

Here is a series of tutorial to learn Intel XDK from scratch. On a test mobile device: Contact Us for creating cross-platform mobile application development. When you are creating a Intel XDK app you are likely to develop a multipage app.

Intel XDK Complete Tutorial

App that executes on a real mobile device. All other files other than icons and splash screen images must reside in a set of folders below the source directory. All your project files are stored locally on your development machine.

Untel faster once set up; does not consume mobile data; pulls files directly from your development machine. Expand a palette to view and modify its options. App Starter can be considered App Designer Lite.

PhoneGap offers a similar service for cross platform development, but it’s limited. Every phone has a native default contact application which maintains phone numbers, address, emails and names. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. With other tools, you are limited to the platform you are developing on.


Cross Platform Development using Intel XDK tutorial | Step by step

I wrote an article on how to store data locally in cordova based apps. You interact with this window as your app runs. This is like the root of our application. Click the Continue button to start setting up your new project.

Alert box has only one button and when its clicked the alert box clo Start with a Template: In the upper-left, use the two drop-down menus and the Start Simulator button to start the device simulator:.

Intel XDK Complete Tutorial

If you are using Intel XDK to build a app then its very easy to sign th You can vibrate phone using Intel XDK by just one line of code document. In this tutorial I will show you how to download files using Intel XDK and also show the download progress. One of the most confusing and tough topics of mobile application development is executing code and accessing hardware components like Microphone, Blue Edit project settings in Intel XDK.

This provisioning file need to be put in the exported game folder next to config. You can simulate app functionality on a variety of virtual devices using this device simulator based on the Taco simulator You can also launch a built-in version of the CDT debugger from lntel floating window to debug app functionality. Before you build your app to use Cordova 4.