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Intermec 3400 User Manual

Caution A caution alerts you to an operating procedure, practice, condition, CAUTION or s t a t emen t th a t must be strictly observed to prevent equipment damage or destruction, or corruption or loss of data. Irregular sine waveforms on the AC power line can also affect printer performance.

Media is sticking to the paper path. Switch on printer power and test for proper printhead alignment by printing out the print quality and pitch labels. Remove the media supply cover, the electronics cover, and the front bezel cover refer to “Replacing the Bezel PCB” earlier in this chapter.

Turn the printer power off and then on. A one-way clutch is part of each roller drive gear.

Intermec Manuals

The screw is easier to loosen if you place one of your fingers underneath manjal printhead, between the printhead and the platen roller. You can program the pulse delay and width. C97 II C98 56 2 C63 1! The motor pinion gear drives the platen roller by meshing with the tooth gear mounted on the end of the roller.

You can be seriously injured, and equipment and data can be damaged if you do not follow the safety warnings and cautions. This command changes the darkness of the print on your labels. This chapter covers these topics: To adjust the print darkness control 1.

  0327 MCI PDF

To replace the liner drive roller 1. The printer remains in Test and Service mode until you turn the power off and reset the DIP switches. Remember that these factors affect print quality: High frequency noise and hash riding on the AC waveform can affect printer performance.

Be sure to clean the transparent panel on the media cover so that the media supply inside the printer is visible when you close the cover. All of these protocols are point-to-point except Multi-Drop.


Install the electronics cover. Quantity should be between 1 and Refer to the User’s Manual for detailed information. When the printer is ready to receive more data, it sends the XON character.

Reload the media and ribbon if used. Install the thick washer removed in Step 4 and the two new retaining snap rings to secure the TTR takeup components in place. Retain them for reassembly. The combination of these delays impede total printer throughput. Cleaning the guides also helps prevent media skewing manal improper tracking as it travels through the paper path, which can result in print problems.

To exit Test and Service mode, turn the infermec power off and then on.

Intermec 3400 Manuals

When the printer is using Intermec Standard protocol, it holds pins 11 and 20 high when the printer is ready to receive data. Symptom Printer does not communicate with the host.

Using Label Debut If you are using a point-to-point printer-to-PC connection to communicate with the printer, the printer parameters can be easily set inter,ec the DOS-based software package Label Debut.

Remove the printhead cable. This option must be ordered when you order your printer.

C44 and C49 are also for filtering. Using Test And Service Mode When an alignment is achieved that eliminates the ribbon wrinkling, tighten the two screws on the hub adjustment plate.


Failure to comply can result in damage to components. Delay should be between and A modified version of Code 39 that has 43 characters, utilizes the Modulus 43 check character, and reserves some character combinations for special usage. Check the AC power for proper level and purity. Wait 5 to 10 seconds for the print surface to dry. Overview of the Printer The Intermec is a microprocessor-based thermal printer that prints standard bar code or 2D symbology, human-readable characters, graphics, lines, and borders on 3-inch 7.

Other Intermec Manuals Other Intermec Manuals The following manuals provide additional information about equipment that works with your bar code label printer. Using Intermec Printer Language ipl Commands Image bands or print speed are incorrectly set. One way to discover if the problem is environmental is to see if the problem goes away when the printer is moved to a new location. Causes the printer to exit Test and Service mode.

Warning A warning warns you of an operating procedure, practice, condition, or statement that must be strictly observed to avoid death or serious injury to the persons working on the equipment.

Verify that the format numbers are between and The information contained herein is proprietary and is provided solely for the purpose of allowing customers to operate and service Intermec-manufactured equipment and is not to be released, reproduced, or used for any other purpose without written permission of Intermec.

Parameter Errors Certain commands require optional parameters.