Pursuant to Section 80 of Republic Act No. , otherwise known as “The Indigenous. Peoples’ Rights Act of ” (IPRA), the following rules and regulations. R.A. No. —The Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA) of the laws of the central administration of the Republic of the Philippines. Name: Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of (R.A. No. ). Country: Philippines. Subject(s): Indigenous and tribal peoples. Type of legislation: Law, Act.

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This case paved the way for the government to review the so-called “native title” or “private right. An individual or recognized head of a family or clan may file such application in his behalf or in behalf of his rz or clan, respectively; c. This was said to be the biggest gathering of Philippine indigenous peoples by far.

The United Nations acknowledges worldwide the rights of the indigenous people.

Prior to this, a Presidential Decree was issued in”declaring all agricultural lands occupied and cultivated by members of the national Cultural Communities since as alienable and disposable, except iprw islands of Panay and Negros and the provinces ipfa Abra, Quezon, Benguet and Camarines which became effective on March 11, Persons Subject to Punishment. The option granted under this Section shall be exercised within twenty 20 years from the approval of this Act. As far as possible, the State shall ensure that indigenous women have access to all services in their own languages.

The IPs are struggling fighting for their rights because they feel like the government has continued to neglect them.

Ancestral land owners are given the right to transfer these ancestral lands and the right to redeem ancestral lands lost through vitiated consent. Provided, That in areas where no such newspaper exists, broadcasting in a radio station will be a valid substitute: On the basis of its findings, it shall initiate the filing of appropriate legal or administrative action to the NCIP.

Unlawful Acts Pertaining to Employment. They shall participate in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of policies, plans and programs for national, regional and local development which may directly affect them.


Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act of 1997

Attempts to implement these rights regarding cultural integrity are most recently captured by the celebration of National Indigenous People’s Month on October to November To promulgate rules and regulations governing the hearing and disposition of cases filed before it as well as those pertaining to its internal functions and such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this Act; b.

,aw Denuded Areas- To actively initiate, undertake and participate in the reforestation of denuded areas iipra other development programs and projects subject to just and reasonable remuneration; and c.

Provided, That such procedure shall ensure that the rights of possessors in good faith shall be respected: Towards this end, no provision in this Act shall be interpreted so as to result in the diminution of rights and privileges already recognized and accorded to women under existing laws of general application.

Provided, furthermore, That basic services and livelihood shall be provided to them to ensure that their needs are adequately addressed: Provided, finally, That the all extractions shall be used to facilitate the development and improvement of the ancestral domains.

Indigenous Peoples Rights Act 1997 (Republic Act No. 8371 of 1997).

Such rights shall include: Particular attention shall be paid to the rights and special needs of indigenous women, elderly, youth, children and differently-abled persons. The Department jpra Justice and the Office of the Solicitor General expressed their opposition to the adoption, as they still had to study whether this was consistent with the Philippine Constitution.

The denial shall be appealable to the NCIP. Indigenous Concept of Ownership. Provided, finally, That the action for reconveyance shall be a period of ten 10 years in accordance with existing laws.

Provided, furthermore, That no person shall serve for more than two 2 terms. Other field office shall be created wherever appropriate and the staffing pattern thereof shall be determined lxw the NCIP: Right to Stay in the Territories – The right to stay in the territory and not be removed therefrom.

Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines”. Chapter V sets forth human rights, including freedom from discrimination against indigenous peoples and a right to special protection in times of armed conflict. The staffing pattern of the office shall be determined by the NCIP subject to existing rules and regulations.


The participation of indigenous women in the decision-making process in all levels, as well opra in the development of society, shall be given due respect and recognition. Pictures and descriptive histories of traditional landmarks such as mountains, rivers, creeks, ridges, hills, terraces and the like; and Provided, furthermore, That in cases where there are conflicting claims, the Ancestral Domains Office shall cause the contending parties to meet and assist them in coming up with a preliminary resolution of the conflict, without prejudice to its full adjudication according to the selection below.

Pictures and descriptive histories of traditional communal forests and hunting grounds. Office of Education, Culture and Health – The Lw on Culture, Education and Health shall be responsible for the effective implementation of the education, cultural and related rights as provided in this Act. Provided, further, That mere posting shall be deemed sufficient if both newspapers and radio station are not available.

Ramos signed it on 22 October officially making it Republic Act No.

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act of – Wikipedia

If they are already entitled to retirement benefits or the gratuity herein provided. Provided, further, That officials and employees of the phased-out offices who may be qualified may apply for reappointment with the NCIP and may be given prior rights in the filing up of the newly created positions of NCIP, subject to the qualifications set by the Placement Committee: Scholars and pro-indigenous groups have criticized this section as it effectively destroys any ancestral land claim before Right to Develop Lands and Natural Resources.

They shall likewise have the right not to be subject to working conditions hazardous to their health, particularly through exposure to pesticides and other toxic substances. The Philippines did not immediately support the draft. Funds for Archeological and Historical Sites.