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ISO Terminology work — Vocabulary — Part 1: Theory and application. standard by International Organization for Standardization. Buy PN ISO TERMINOLOGY WORK – VOCABULARY – PART 1: THEORY AND APPLICATION from SAI Global. Buy NS ISO 1ED TERMINOLOGY WORK – VOCABULARY – PART 1: THEORY AND APPLICATION from SAI Global.

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Terminology work — Vocabulary — Part 1: Representation of a concept by a sign which denotes it.

SKOS is an area of work developing specifications and standards to support the use of knowledge organization systems KOS such as thesauri, classification schemes, subject heading systems and taxonomies within the framework of the Semantic Web. Contact Us to ask a question, provide io, or report a problem.

The term knowledge organization iiso is intended to encompass all types of schemes for organizing information ieo promoting knowledge management. A reinterpretable representation of information in a formalized manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing.

Arrangement of symbols indicating concepts into classes and their subdivisions to 1087-11 generic relations or other types of relations between them. PT Related Term Definition: Examples include information about items available from on-line shopping facilities e.

A logical structure of the terms used to describe a domain of knowledge, including both the definitions of the applicable terms and their relationships. Standardized general markup language application permitting linking of documents through selected access points.

Nevertheless, Terminology as a scientific discipline is crucial if we consider that its primary aim is to understand the world, describe the objects 10871 populate it and find the right words to talk about them.


Designation formed by omitting words or letters from a longer form and designating the same concept. The structure of a system whose components are ranked into levels of subordination for communication purposes according to specific rules.

ISO – Estonian Centre for Standardisation

Examples of initialisms are: Worldwide organization consisting of a network of the national standards institutes of countries formed to promote development of standards to facilitate the international carriage and exchange of goods and service and to develop mutual cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological, and economic activities.

Language used in a subject field and characterized by the use of specific linguistic means of expression. An individual with the responsibility to manage and maintain a system. Use of synonym rings ensures that a concept that can be described by multiple synonymous or quasi-synonymous terms will be retrieved if any one of the terms is used in a search.

A complete citation of the bibliographic information pertaining to a document or other resource. A document that describes how to use a functional unit, and that may include description of the rights and responsibilities of the user, the owner, and the supplier of that functional unit. System of signs for communication usually consisting of a vocabulary and rules. If Terminology is to continue to exist as an independent scientific discipline, it needs to re-examine its Terminology Principles.

A broad facet, primary division of a special classification system or of a main class of a general one. Terminological Dictionary Term Definition: A Web of data providing a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries.

Smallest linguistic unit conveying a specific meaning and capable of existing as a separate unit in a sentence. Security also pertains to personnel, data, communications, and the physical protection of computer installations. Services are what you connect together using Web Services. In terminology work three types of designations are distinguished: Contains Begins Exact Match.


Also, a service has some type of underlying computer system that supports the connection offered.

Terminology work – Vocabulary – Part 1: Theory and application

Contrast with conceptual clustering and concept formation. The protection of computer hardware and software from accidental or malicious access, use, modification, destruction, or disclosure. Glossary of terms pertaining to the discipline of terminology management.

A process that usually includes requirements analysis, system design, implementation, documentation, and quality assurance. Controlled vocabulary including equivalent terms interrelations and rules of application.

The combination of services – internal and external to oso organization – make up a service-oriented architecture. For example, characteristics of the boundary may include the identification of any physical interconnections, description of signal exchanges across the boundary, or specification of functions performed on each side of the boundary.

ISO | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

The proprietary terminology management application that forms the basis for ETSS. To transfer programs or data from a computer to a connected computer with fewer resources, typically from a mainframe to a personal computer.

Collaboration Software Source Note Definition: Corporate body or individual intellectually responsible for a publication. A set of subprograms that application programs may use to request and carry out lower-level services performed by an operating system.