Natural magick by John Baptista Porta, a Neapolitane: in twenty books: wherein are set forth all the riches and delights of the natural sciences. By John Baptista Porta. Magia Naturalis (in English, Natural Magic) is a work of popular science first published in Naples in Its twenty books include. Giambattista della (John Baptist) Porta (?), was a A Table Containing the General Heads of Natural Magick ยท “Preface To BY John Baptista Porta.

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Limons to become very odoriferous. Quails, and Stares, are rejected. That Letters rubbed with mill-dust may be read. How Roses may be preserved uohn their own stalks.

How to make an Amphitheatrical-Glass. Honey that is venemous. The operations of a Convex Cylindrical Glass. How it should be that Loadstone Iron draws: To cure nztural of the Sciatica. Quick-silver will preserve all things from putretude. A Water for Separation of Gold.


“John Baptist Porta” Natural Magick – Title Page

Cucumbers, and such as are not waterish. How letters may be cast out and read, on a wall that is far distant. Quinces may be pora kept in dust. The same with Cards to play with. A Gourd of a greater or larger growth.

To make a pale Face purple-coloured. Wine of Myrtles berries and Cornels. To signifie to friends all things by a Trunk.

Natural Magick by Porta, John Baptista

How to make Pigeons your Messengers. The Bactrian Camel is gendred of a Camel and a Swine.

By a Cylindre of Crystal to kindle fire. Excellent Pomanders for perfuming. For the same, with Nightshade. Gilliflowers that are of themselves purple, or else white, may become azure blue. A Peach may grow with any writing upon it.

Natural Magick

Chestnuts may be preserved. Peacocks, Partridge, Pheasants to be made tender. A Radish-root grow bigger. Citrons to be blood-red.

To make the Hairs grow softer. How to make a bird sociable and familiar with thee. Apples and Myrtles may be preserved. How to make Perfumes of Waters. How to procure Swine, and other beasts to be white. Beets to become whiter then ordinary. Edited By Eric Johnn.


Basic Books, Third printing of this new facsimile edition of Porta’s book, from the edition, part of the Collector’s Series of Science edited by Derek Price of Yale University. Beans to bring forth great cods. A Damosin, and an Orenge or Limon to be mixt together.

Torches that will not be put out by the winds. To hide Letters upon wood. That he may not swallow the meat the chews.

That the Pole sends its force to the Circumference. Ox flesh may be made tender.