Product introduction Alone, together in a parent and child, I remember fun the first year of the Kanji in your room. Because the sturdy posters, put put the long. Generate large kanji/hanzi-posters using dictionary files. Shop Jouyou Kanji Poster created by Turtlshel. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is!.

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Turned off my brain and ordered this monstrosity. And for once shipping to Canada doesn’t make me want to cry! I did buy one last week.

The more I think about it, the stranger it is. Submit a new link.


Your results may vary, in that even khatz is better than me, so you are undoubtedly much better than me, and you can go farther. But then again, if that text had not previously been on kanjji page, I would not have said ” are the common readings is beyond me” in my previous post, but “are the on’ and kun’ yomi” in my previous post. Ordered one for myself too: You are our first customer, congrats!!

I think my life is now better. Worth the money, I think. Looks like their joto dollars were probably well spent. At the time, I had a very good distinction between Joyo and non-Joyo kanji, as I had just finished book-studying. Am I asking for too much? If so, it just might the be extra little push to get me to buy oneā€¦ lol. Get a kanji poster already! Is there some other way to do it? We sourced the readings and definitions from multiple dictionary sources.


Comprehensive poster of 1, kanji | EDUCATION IN JAPAN COMMUNITY Blog

Want to add to the discussion? I initially put off buying the poster because I had photocopies from RTK taped together in sad imitation of a poster, but I yesterday posteer in to find my dog digging at said pages which had fallen off the wall and forming them into an elaborate den.

One poster to rule them all. I think it’s still worth a mention if you plan on making any changes to your product, you have somewhere to draw ideas from.

Thanks for believing in me, thanks for taking action, thanks for being there. You know, it’s funny, but It would hoyo much more cheaper for ppl in Europe to buy a digital copy, go to the copy shop around the corner and print it one by oneself.

Every single kanji whose knowledge is required i. As in, I gotta know aaaaall that.

But when typing I easily mix powter similar words in different languages, yes. Try asking any native Japanese speaker if they can read it. Still he is legally and ethically required to list the source and that he made modifications to it. We have really high hopes for this product.


Log in or sign up in seconds. However, my memory is fallible, and I do jlyo mistakes reading sometimes. Which services were those delivered by if you wouldn’t mind sharing?

It’s pricy enough that we eat part kanii the shipping to make it affordable to get it delivered, yeah. Use a sharpie and make it BIG!

And unlike newspapers who use this style, JLPT does it strictly for all non-Joyo kanji, not just the uncommon ones.

Get a free kanji poster for JLPT study

Because if that’s from within Ontario to another city in Ontario, Canada Post is making a killing and laughing at everyone involved. Consider the OP’s skill level when answering a question.

What are you waiting for? Hey, thanks for the feedback! Thanks for your input on the Risu Press site last time!