WHY I AM NOT A HINDU: A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Economy. by Kancha Ilaiah. Let me make it clear, however, that I am not . Why I Am Not a Hindu. A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Economy. Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd – Retired, Director, Centre for Study of. Who – or what – is a Hindu? There are no easy answers to this question. From the Oxford English Dictionary: Hinduism: A major religious and.

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We do not score a all the time in all aspects. Negi, for a person who has not ilziah the book in question, you have a lot of opinions! Scientific knowledge systems, on the contrary, are available among the Dalitbahujan castes.

The ancient kings were treated as gods — Rama, Krishna, etc. Thus it is clear that as per Vedas, Shudras deserve the same respect as other Varnas and as per Vedic prayer, Shudras are accorded great esteem. But his construction of dalitbahujan culture is flawed and does the greatest disservice to dalitbahujan peoples themsleves. I was interviewed by the Selection Committee. History is usually written by and for the people in power; this treatise is written from a point of view of people who are a majority, but not in power.


Why he promoting Violence in his book if he is a social worker. I read this only because someone told me to understand what a Dalit goes through. It is one who barters his religion to improve his prospects!!!!! Thus, s Brahmin model has not been destroyed: Everything else that is normally perceived popularly about Vedas or Vedic religion is an extension. Nobody is stopping you from the pursuit of ilakah. The ak boy informed the decision.

On that basis alone it is a part of Hinduism, though a part which is neglected by the rest of Hindu society. Nof was Mahatma Gandhi who stopped the animal sacrifice in Marikamba temple in Banavasi. I already told you, you are not an aboriginal Indian.

A Rejection of Hinduism – “Why I am not a Hindu” by Kancha Ilaiah | Sacred Space

If you feel like, you can use a different word to represent the same idea. Happy Hindu may convert to Islam but I can never be an Hindu to worship the rapistracist and fascist Gods. I agree with one of Ilaiah’s major claims though– that much of what is good in Hindu religion exists because the tradition has shifted away from Brahminical norms and towards Sudra or Dalit norms particularly in regards to the role of women in society for example.


Another note, South India was ruled by Jains and Buddhists.

If brahmins were your enemies, they would have done to you people what the whites did to the Australian aborigines. Buddha And His Dhamma 3. Ambedkar also in practical concentrated to the Mahars and the Maharashtra state.

These investigations were done with an exemplary combination of physical labour and mental acumen. This system is the same as class!

Because of hurdles faced by him from his child hood he wrote this book. Kanchan Ilaiah is a serious writer.


Why are you talking bad about freedom fighters? Westerners like Vasco da Gama could never understand the social setup in India, which was primarily based on professions. I hope you agree that this approach to knowledge is rational. Of this, I am sure.

Why I Am Not a Hindu

A yog sadhak invokes the same energy within nor. One is written information and the other is verbal! Why do you not condemn these developments? Seventy Thousands Crores on Govt.