Cloud computing encompasses a whole range of services and can be hosted in a . The Kasumigaseki Cloud is part of the Digital Japan Creation Project. which is responsible – among other things – of the Japanese government cloud initiative, nicknamed Kasumigaseki Cloud. They presented a. 年6月18日 Posts about kasumigaseki cloud written by Clark Parker.

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Still, cloud computing represents a revolutionary change in the way computing power will be used and procured, and as such, it will have significant impact both in the developed world and lasumigaseki developing nations.

A global look at cloud computing

At the same time, there will be a greater emphasis on the negotiation, conceptual and people skills needed to manage contracted cloud services. Andrea Di Maio is a managing vice president for public sector in Gartner Research, covering government and education. He found that in addition to setting up internal, private cloud environments as Spain is presently working onEuropean nations were beginning to explore the use of cloud-based computing in the following areas: Readers may copy and redistribute blog postings on other blogs, or otherwise for private, non-commercial or kasmigaseki purposes, with attribution to Gartner.

As new cloid spread rapidly in ICT fields and use environments change, information security threats are becoming more advanced and complex. Presentation materials of MIC are available at: Cloud computing will undoubtedly create jobs in the near-term. Press release, June 16, Through these measures, efforts will be made to establish and spread knowledge and expertise concerning the use of ICT in agriculture from the perspectives of increasing agricultural productivity, expanding distribution and sales channels, and ensuring the safety of agricultural products.

Architecting Your Digital Ecosystem Technical professionals are confronting increasingly complex technology ecosystems. ICT will be used to renew local communities based on the autonomous settlement region concept espoused by the MIC. And for governments, the value proposition of the cloud is especially appealing, given both changing demands for IT and challenging economic conditions.

On the executive level, the shift to greater use of cloud computing will enable IT managers to be able to focus on how to best deliver services, rather than where they are hosted or how they are implemented. For organizations, shifting to the cloud means having the ability to contract for computing services on-demand rather than having to invest to host all the necessary hardware, kasumigasfki and support personnel necessary to provide a given level of services.


The country has existing comprehensive intellectual property IP and cybercrime laws, protecting IP stored on clouds from theft and offering recourse in case of breaches.

It has been targeted as a strategic priority. In delivering public services, as a large customer of ICT products and services and kasumigwseki the owner of data systems, the public sector has enormous influence on the market.

Also, this concept will be employed to support the construction of the Kasumigaseki Cloud Data Center tentative name as infrastructure for government information kasumigasek, such as the Kasumigaseki Cloud. Retrieved March 4, The content on this blog is provided on an “as-is” basis. The Digital Japan Creation Project seeks to create new ICT markets in the range of several trillion yen and to generate , new jobs over the next three years on a cumulative basis by kasunigaseki ICT capital investment based on a new growth strategy for ICT industries.

Efforts are also being made to expand online applications by making public personal certification systems more convenient from the perspective of users and kaaumigaseki their use, encouraging the use of digital devices that have become common in the day-to-day activities of the public, such as mobile phones, clouud establishing and improving support systems for online applications.

Find out more about tcworld. Retrieved May 30, We welcome your comments via: So long as you can access the web, you are able to work when and where you wish.

Consequently, efforts will be made to create environments in which business can develop with an eye toward global markets and to reinforce international competitiveness in ICT industries.

MIC Communications News Vol No.1

November CSA releases comprehensive machine translation research and video Series. The global recession triggered by the financial crisis that occurred in the autumn of last year is ongoing, and economic conditions in Japan have declined rapidly as well.

Their approach looks prudent and conscious of potential risks and showstoppers, and their questions and observations were always very pertinent.

And in order to encourage economic development, national and regional governments may require cloud providers to either manage operations in government data centers or to even locate data centers within their jurisdictions so that the money and jobs stay in their own local area!

American companies have had strong historic success in the Japanese ICT market, particularly with recent cloud investments. As the leading cloud market in the APJ region, Japan is poised for continued growth through Efforts will be made to efficiently develop and operate information systems with the aim of greatly reducing electronic government-related development and operating costs while increasing the pace of processing by integrating shared functions, increasing collaboration among systems, and providing secure and advanced governmental services.


Today, we are in a transitional stage in the history of computing. Many in IT may also perceive the shift as not just changing what they do in their jobs, but as a threat to their very jobs. Thus, at a time when cloud computing is emerging so quickly, it will be difficult to train IT professionals on cloud technologies and then retain them.

Retrieved June 25, Certainly, cloud computing enables a new platform and location-independent perspective on how we communicate, collaborate and work. December Turning technical documentation into intelligent information.

Overall, the technical skills needed for IT jobs will likely decrease, as many jobs in the field become more administrative in nature, such as overseeing contracts and handling customer inquiries. December Global wearable device sales to grow 26 percent in The collected data will be used to plan and implement environmental measures, such as electric power control at public facilities, and to develop green ICT services for the private sector.

For example, in AugustGoogle announced a partnership with five Asian ICT companies to construct a new fiber-optic cable system connecting the United States with two Japanese cities, Chikura and Shima.

Thorough application of ICT will also lead to innovations in industrial structures nationwide and enhance international competitiveness. For the cloud model to work in the public or private sector, it is essential that there be: Retrieved May 5, While data protection is vital, such an approach could restrict even those cloud providers with strong safeguards in place for personal kasumigasekj stored on kaxumigaseki servers, based on their location in jurisdictions not deemed to be adequate.

Specific measures will include accelerating the development of in-school LANs, distributing terrestrial digital televisions, developing and distributing educational materials on media literacy, educating students about information morals to promote the safe use of ICT, and computerizing school administrative work by using ASP and SaaS.