Koha Manual Documentation. Release 2 Introduction to the Koha Installation Process. 3. SelectMARCflavour. This manual is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later . Learn more about this license in the GPL3 Appendix. RELEASE NOTES FOR KOHA 22 Oct As of Koha , the Koha manual is now maintained in DocBook. The home page for Koha.

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Koha 3.8.0 Released

Installation of Locum and Insurge 3. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress. Checking Items Out 1. Samuel Desseaux Release Maintainer 3. Create a basket group 4. This mode is not the most efficient we can have. Batch item modification 2. Check Out Messages 1. Koha search on your site O. Chris Hall Release Maintainer 3. Item Circulation Alerts 4. Viewing your page 2. When the kohw is back, you can upload all KOCT files from your circulation desks, and apply all of them at once.

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Installation of Locum 4. My Purchase Suggestions 6. Unable to Renew Items 2. Creation of User and Group 6. Merging Bibliographic Records Via Lists 2. List of Tables 6. Subscriptions in Staff Client 5. Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel Release Maintainer 3.

Printing Overdue Notices 2. Add a new patron 2. It means that a page computed in 1.

Patrons anonymize, bulk-delete 1. Many hands finish the work.

Enhanced Content Configuration Upload Local Cover Image 3. Item Specific Circulation History 3.

AdvancedSearchTypes syspref preference is repurposed; no longer a single value, it can now take multiple item code fields separated by ” “. We also especially thank the following individuals who tested patches for Koha 3. Please read below for full release notes. The website for the Koha project is.

We thank the following libraries who are known to have sponsored new features in Koha 3. Add a subscription 2. The last Koha release was 3.


The release team would mxnual to thank everyone involved in this release for making it possible.

Koha Manual (en)

The first klha in the AdvancedSearchTypes syspref is the selected tab; if no values are present, “itemtypes” is used. Serials ———- trivial Subscription-renew generates unnecessary warnings in logs. The home page for Koha documentation is http: Installation and Setup Instructions 2.