In a blistering one-off show, poet Lemn Sissay heard – for the first time We find out how he started writing poetry for solace, how he spent. Lemn Sissay MBE (born 21 May ) is a British author and broadcaster. He has written a . Lemn’s poems are read frequently on All Fm and one of its older presenters, Li, aged 84, translated and read his poem “Invisible Kisses” in Mandarin. Chancellor, Lemn Sissay, has written and performed a new poem to shine a light on the people at The University of Manchester and beyond.

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Lemn Sissay

Here the spoken word seems excessive, in all the senses of that term: The poet shares the story behind Invisible Kisses, a poem that impressed on him the true value of family. The initiative, part of the university’s School of Law’s Black Lawyers Matter project, was created after it was found that “out of some 1, undergraduates, only 14 UK-based Black males of African and Caribbean heritage were registered on law and criminology courses, and of these none were from lower socio-economic backgrounds”.

He says he will find it easier in the theatre. They were strict, but they were loving in their own way. Slssay since, Sissay has been trying to reclaim his social services files. Road review — raucous look back at a divided Britain still hits home 4 out of 5 stars. It is you that visited them.

A child of the state”. Lest we stand, as we are, with hands frozen to the gun On the beaches, in this code red autumnal sun: After Sissay was handed his files, he was told ssisay Wigan council wished to apologise to him. Now he hopes his story sisssay inspire others. This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat It emerged from the word Migrate. It is blisteringly powerful: It is the ultimate verbatim theatre. In having no family since leaving the children’s homes at 18 I had no proof of my own existence.


The Report is never more poignant than when the psychologist states: Wigan sissau six months to lenm to him and then offered 11 times less. The affection his writing displays for the region is mutual, and his poems have even been reproduced throughout the city, inscribed onto its walls and pavements.

Live free, yet, never forget. I walk like an immigrant. Comments So many truths in so few words. As Sissay has sissayy elsewhere, with tongue in the same cheek: I shall wear the talit, let them wear the cross. I shall always be an immigrant. Now, he makes sure hundreds of care leavers feast in style each year.

Life on a plate Lemn Sissay: I have been invited to read my pofms in some beautiful places: The Saturday poem The Saturday poem: But the heart and soul of the writer is about being alone with a dark blood like poemx.

Kirsty Young; Interviewed guest: Initially, he was told they were now held by the data services company Iron Mountain. Besides writing poetry I have spent most of my adult life searching for my family: On my radar On my radar: You who scoured the world for who? Let them speak their own language as we speak ours, So that they might learn the language of tone and trust, The blessed language of the body and the face — the language of us.

For whom the sun would never set. It was you who counted the bounty and threw the rest overboard. Sissay was always told aissay mother had abandoned him. He had to be accompanied by a guard to the toilet at night and was strip-searched after friends visited.


Hilary Devey and Tim Sisway share their vision. At 12, he became difficult, eating cake without permission and staying out late at night. In the original, the words run vertically rather than horizontally, black slashes of rain against a white background: I am an immigrant from my tip to my toe.

He mentions a poem he wrote on becoming chancellor of the University of Manchester. Lemn Sissay on hearing his harrowing abuse report live on stage. From the churches, the mosques, the synagogues, Let them come in the name of their gods.

New poem from Lemn Sissay highlights those who make a difference

At 19 he was a literature development worker at Commonworda community publishing cooperative in Manchester. In fact, it is a testament to his great skill as a poet that Sissay has been able to turn this landscape, connected with the lovelessness of his youth in an all-white setting, into a resource rather than a simple site of alienation. Here, in a rare interruption, Sissay kicks at an imaginary football and shouts: Poetry was a conversation with family — a proof that I was alive at any given time.

It is the only building in the world built below a tweet. Play in new window Download. He has been commissioned to write poems by various bodies including the World Service, and his work has become public art, particularly in Manchester, where his poems appear on buildings and streets. Show 25 25 50 All.