13 Apr Chances are you’ve never heard of the late jazz guitarist Lenny Breau, but ask Pat Metheny or Tommy Emmanuel and they will surely tell he. Lenny Breau was a guitarist with staggering technique and a mind for innovation, playing with an evocative style that effortlessly jumped between genres. He was born in the United States, but Lenny Breau became a Canadian guitar His parents were country singer Hal “Lone Pine” Breau and yodeler Betty Cody.

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Retrieved 11 August He recorded one more live album later that year, but due to a lack of commercial success would not ldnny again under his own name until the late Seventies. Retrieved 19 June LA Bootlegwhich came from a tape Bachman acquired, is one such recording. I want to make each one radically different from the previous.

LA Bootleg can be purchased or downloaded at linus.

Breau blended many styles of music, breua jazzcountryclassicaland flamenco. I took all these and heard that when he lived in Nashville he basically stayed at the Cottons — Darcey and Richard Cotton. His death under mysterious circumstances cut short a life dedicated to transcending the apparent limitations of the guitar to create a sublimely expressive musical voice that was uniquely his own. Lenny began playing guitar at the age of eight.

I’m thinking melody, but I’m also thinking of a background. California joins growing list of mass shootings in U. Though Breau was later known for playing jazz, with some flamenco guitar influence, as a teen he was playing country and rockabilly.

That never happened because that person got bumped when the company got bought and my request remained at the bottom of a pile. Lenny dispelled notations of how you had to be to be a guitar player.

Want the news vital to Maine?

Hughes says she hears from new Breau fans all over the world. The winner of the Juno Award for best solo jazz album of the year will be announced in Hamilton on Saturday. Lenny Breau dazzled me with his extraordinary guitar playing We have Randy Bachman to thank for bringing this obscure recording to light. While Breau was playing country music with his family, he was experimenting with jazz and other forms.


An online video clip of Breau breay, posted on her website, got 30, hits in Russia in one month.

Come on over to my place. He continued to play with his parents, meeting a young Randy Bachman The Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive at one show and teaching him what he knew.

Along with being a virtuosic and innovative musician, Breau was a deeply troubled individual. His biggest bursts of public fame came during his work on TV shows in Canada in the s and from a couple of albums he recorded for RCA in the late s while working with Atkins. A lot of the stuff I play on the seven-string guitar is supposed to be technically impossible, but I spent over twenty years figuring it out.

Plus, he was an incredible guitar player. Breau recorded ten albums in his lifetime but found his greatest impact was on fellow guitarists as opposed to the general public. Discography The Hallmark Sessions. Bachman was 15 and a budding guitarist when he greau hanging around with Breau, bgeau to learn all he could. More Headlines Black Friday has already arrived, with U.

Lenny Breau – Canadian Music Hall Of Fame

Breau’s wife, Jewel, was the chief suspect, but she was not charged. Retrieved 11 May Hawkes provided him with dozens of pictures of Breau, that are scattered through out the restaurant. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The most enigmatic, innovative and inspired guitarist to ever pick greau the instrument… Bill Milkowski. Search photos available for purchase: He had two custom seven-string guitars made, one classical and one electric.

One of his biggest musical influences was jazz pianist Bill Evans. Many live and “lost” recordings have been issued since Breau’s death, and most of his previously released albums have also been reissued.


They went and got his Ramirez guitar out of hock, set up a tape recorder and Lenny played for fifty-eight minutes. On August 12,Lenny was found strangled at the bottom of the swimming pool at his apartment complex in Los Angeles.

Lenny Breau – Legendary Jazz Guitarist

Leonard Harold Breau August 5, — August 12, was an American-born guitarist and music educator. The record is a glimpse of Breau in a rare moment of sobriety, deftly picking and strumming his way through a set of 11 jazz standards. The Life and Music of Lenny Breau by Kenny Forbes-Roberts was published in containing interviews with nearly people and a comprehensive discography.

Breau only made a handful of uneven records during his lifetime. It was a big step — one that allowed him to play jazz. Retrieved May 14, From the mid to late s they played summer engagements in southern New Brunswick, advertising their performances by playing free programs on radio station CKCW Moncton.

He met pianist Bob Erlendson, who began teaching him more of the foundations of jazz. Using the Atkins finger-style technique he had learned as boy, Breau could simultaneously play melody, bass and chordal accompaniment, allowing him to segue between jazz chord melody, flamenco interludes, eastern ragas and country finger-picking with striking bdeau. I wish the world had the opportunity to experience his artistry.

Chet Atkins in Three Dimensions.

30 years after his murder, jazz great nominated for a Juno Award

One is electric guitar and bass, the other Cabin Fever — him, locked in his cabin, and the next is him and Tal Farlow Chance Meeting where he went to meet his idol. He was drying out. He rarely drove a car, for example.