24 Ago Read Porque los hombres aman a las cabronas/ Why Men Love Bitches: De tapete a El libro explica que los hombres admiran a las mujeres. 11 Oct Read Porque los hombres aman a las cabronas/ Why Men Love Bitches: De tapete a El libro explica que los hombres admiran a las mujeres. Resultado de imagen para LIBRO PORQUE LOS HOMBRES AMAN A LAS CABRONAS.

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I could cite many other examples of bad advice in this book but I think it’s best to say that if you want to read some poor literature and poque entertained then this book may be for you; however, if you actually need better advice than this, I recommend “If I’m So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?

I don’t see how this would make a man respect you more. Peppered in-between every extreme statement that makes you lose faith in humanity, is a statement to counter balance it all. There must be a confusion between the words used. Lists with This Book.

Yuma County Library District. Also, why should I work so damn hard for him? He is in MAD hearts with the queen bitch me, unless he has some other special lady friend I don’t know about. She draws a lot from anecdotal evidence, an Although this book contains some good advice, handy tips and plenty of focus on self-worth, it has one fault that prevents it from covering all bases.

However there is one HUGE reason why this book is getting two stars and not the four I originally intended to give and that is the infamous “Dumb Fox” chapter. The full title, Why Men Love Bitches: My friend gave me a stack of these books after she got married. And this so called “nice girl” is the one who’s clingy and bitchy. Everyone has to bring something to the table, and your crazy woman emotions are certainly not an asset.

Read more Read less. I think where she goes wrong is by creating a false dichotomy between the “nice girl” who does everything for the man and the “bitch” who expects the man to cater to her. But shoooot I had to give her some good advice and let her know, “Put your foot down and let his behind know you are not a maid”, but she was so naive and in love couldn’t anyone tell her anything about him. Este audiolibro comparte resultados de entrevistas sinceras con hombres que contestan los siguientes puntos: I did agree with, and could even relate When reading this book, if you replace the word “bitch” with “strong independent woman”, it deserves a three star rating.


So, do yourself a favor and turn to the back of the book and read the ‘Attraction Principles’ listed there. Hence, if you read this book and then go out with a guy like that, you’ll come away feeling that you have failed. I wouldn’t recommend it, as I’m sure there are books that say the same thing be your own person without promoting manipulative head games.

I have to wonder if the author expects anyone to honestly communicate ever, or is it all just maneuvering to make sure you get what you deserve?

Porque los hombres se Casan con las cabronas – Yuma County Library District – OverDrive

Women have a problem with moving on to homnres next man. This is like the relationship bible for women who are needy, insecure and got their priorities out of order. It seems that B. Try refreshing the page. Why Men Love Bitches is also a 1 first-class live theater production in Latin America, and her bestselling books are currently published throughout the world in over thirty languages.

The application has been designed taking into account some of the specific characteristics lae SCA cases during contact sports, such as football, like taking libro porque los hombres xab a las cab care of the cervical spine when handling the player. Write a customer review.

Unlike other relationship books, instead of encouraging women to change themselves for men or to sit down and have long meaningful talks with them, it celebrates the bitch in all of us. I couldn’t give it full stars because there are a couple areas that are not addressed.

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As I think of my girlfriends who “should be confident”, in this area they really aren’t. Yes it does, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong–I’m all about ohmbres my man prove himself and toil a bit for me. What kind homnres relationship would it be if you were constantly playing mind games with your significant other?? Please I need a review on this book. Ovvero se la prima volta che avete visto l’oggetto delle vostre brame portava un giubbotto di jeans direttamente sull’abbronzatura e aveva 30 cm di capelli ingrommati dal sale e due stivali appena usciti dal Sinai, non approcciatevi con discorsi sui copriletti o l’esegesi della Tupperware.


This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The hell with men! The library card you previously added can’t be used to complete this action. The offensive title made me read to find that it was not meant as an offensive remark and then went to full offensive mode.


And she states that women should focus entirely on bolstering those egos. This will save you plenty of time to move on to more important and more enjoyable books that are probably in your ‘to-read’ list.

This is the reason why I read to the end of the book. Needless to say, this chapter is something that I sincerely wish she had omitted from the book as women who are genuinely relying on this book for advice will suffer for it. I watch almost every move he makes, and I’m not afraid to ask questions about what he’s doing, where he’s going, and what time he’s going to be back from his destination. May 12, Dina R.

Padre Rico, Padre Pobre. She should be independent and if she has a problem with a man’s behavior, she should state it.

Are you kidding me? She said that most men like the women who are bossy,rich,bitchy,sassy,and careless. Argov says “Men will aamn a good girl any lie in the book to keep her under his arm because she will always satisfy his every need,” then she also says “A real women don’t need a man” so if there is a women that can live without a man, she isn’t stuck up, she’s independent.

Second, I do actually think adding a chapter on building confidence is important. This is just a modernised version what a conservative mums says to their daughters once upon a time.