Maggie Stiefvater Drhtaj. 5 likes. Book. Maggie Stiefvater Drhtaj. Privacy · Terms. About. Maggie Stiefvater Drhtaj. Book. 5 people like this topic. Want to like . ShiverMaggie Steifvater Hard Copy Public Library So I took a few days to write this review just to think about the book. Characters:This book was weird. Sam’s not just a normal boy—he has a secret. During the summer he walks and talks as a human, but when the cold comes, he runs with his.

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Sure, every once in a while I caught snippets of the story. At times, I find myself at war over whether or not I should give this one a try. The helicopter catches up to them and Beck is killed. Wrong email address or username.

The Wolves of Mercy Falls – Wikipedia

She’s not the least bit concerned about Olivia turning into a werewolf. Trivia About Shiver The Wolve What I will complain about is where they get this amazing and varied social stiefvatre in a small town.

It just makes SO much sense and syiefvater just the things I was thinking about reading this book but after I read your review, I don’t really want to. You can clearly see how much experience and skill Maggie gained through the years of writing, but nevertheless, Shiver definitely drhtah her Siefvater magic.

But now that I think about it, I really shouldn’t bot At times, I find myself at war over whether or not I should give this one a try.


If I didn’t look at the chapter headings—and sometimes I would forget—I didn’t know whose point of view I was reading. However, this cycle doesn’t last forever. Eventually, they will stay in their wolf forms for the rest of their lives, thereby unwillingly having to give up their human life, loves, and wishes stlefvater forever.

Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1) by Maggie Stiefvater

Most of the book takes place in winter, or at night, while the temperature is low, so Sam and other werewolves are usually inside — rooms, cars, and the like. Unfortunately, fate seems to have other plans; and the now inseparable duo find themselves fighting a stiecvater opposition in order to remain together.

The Pacing This story is slow and boring.

Grace was tolarable and Sam was cute. The aspects of werewolves that draw me and fascinate me are depicted here. It was average on the writing scale. She is hardcore obsessed by the wolves in the woods near her house, even when they become the reasons for one of her classmates death!

Mercy Falls, MinnesotaUnited States. Drhtj we read Shiver in the book club last month and I really wanted to enjoy it, but at the end I was sitefvater feeling meh.

It put me in a trance, and I felt so much emotion from all the characters. Shiver I did not. I loved that he was always so shy around Grace and that he tried to keep his distance even though he was in love with her.


I can’t believe Jennifer is wearing the same dress as me! Here, it vaguely read as “sexuality is bad” to me.

Move to freaking Miami! Sam was no guy I’d ever want to dream about or wish upon the stars to meet in my real life.

What is with the sudden need to keep us women in line? She’s neither too perfect nor too wild, and she doesn’t become subservient once her love interest appears on the scene. Keep in my that: The relationship between Grace and Sam is also refreshingly “real.

Grace is overcome with a fiery need to protect them, especially her wolf, and find a way to stay with him forever. But none of it was interesting.

The Wolves of Mercy Falls

I will just stop now. Grace visits her parents to say goodbye, but syiefvater have replaced her with a cat. As far as description goes I have two parting words: Shatter Me TV Series View all 3 comments.