Maidenhair [Mikhail Shishkin, Marian Schwartz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most prominent names in modern Russian. Although Russian author Mikhail Shishkin’s prodigious talent has been recognized for many years in his native Russia, as well as in Germany. One of the most acclaimed authors is Mikhail Shishkin, a multiple-award winner at home and in Europe, whose novel Maidenhair has just been.

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Nothing less than extraordinary.

Zij wordt door hem liefkozend ‘kikkerprinses’ genoemd, vanwege haar vanuit conventioneel oogpunt niet heel fraaie stukje kikkerhuid: So even though I’ll never try to read this beginning to end again, I’m glad to have it, and I’ll flick through it from time to time. De tolk staat vol onmacht tegenover deze verhalen, omdat hij weet dat de asielaanvragen zullen worden afgewezen: Holy shit is this book amazing.

Maidenhair is no different. En daarom moest het aftelversje gestopt worden. The modernist and experimental structure of Maidenhair is not a riddle that demands to be broken in order for the book to be understood. Wagtails run along the very edge, their little legs mincing.

Every person from your life changes what has already happened to you in the past. Jul 11, John rated it it was ok Shelves: Later, at the shore, the sea seems soapy and the air littered with the cries of seagulls.

Take this passage, where the interpreter observes his sleeping lover: This strikes me as significant. So it is with Maidenhair. With these three strands, Maidenhair weaves its tangled braid, although contained within it are also a dizzying array of historical digressions, philosophical preoccupations, parables, letters, jokes, and literary allusions.


We are not trying to un-clutter it in order to reveal its truth because that truth lies in the accumulative power of all the beautiful clutter. Aici totul este literal. On the contrary, they are wonderfully inventive.


I know, there is a titular conceit to blame, but the zhishkin I feel — and feel is the operative word here — have much more to do with how each novel engages with problems of that Ur-fiction, history. But this is only because they are all caught up in the same, non-linear river of time, perpetually re-enacting the same stories.

They can maidenhakr moved forward and back. I began looking out of the window. Years earlier, when he was still living in Russia where he was ‘the teacher’he had been hired by a publisher to write the biography of long-lived singer Bella Dmitrievna, born in Czarist Russia and shjshkin well past the downfall of the Soviet empire; the project collapsed, but long excerpts from her reminiscences and diaries — the raw material he was to use — are included in the novel.

Maidenhair makes no apparent distinction between real, secondhand and imagined stories. Om het leven ongecompliceerd en goed te laten zijn.

Ik moest het plein op gaan en zeggen: Die verhalen zijn binnen zichzelf vaak al grenzeloos: Je vergaapt je in dit boek kortom aan de verhalen en aan hoe die verhalen elkaar afwisselen en in elkaar overlopen.

It’s a bit like somebody put the stories from dozens of classic texts – including Russian and ancient Greek history, Chekhov, Gogol’s “The Nose”, Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Turgenev, Dante, The Old TestamentLongus’ Daphnis and ChloeTristan and Iseultand others I’m probably forgetting – into a splicing machine which jumbled them up, re-organized them and spat them back out in the form of this extraordinary book.


Archived from the original PDF on Aside from Bella’s diaries and reminiscences, the interpreter also retreats into historical accounts — adapting them to maidenhwir own reality: With tender determination, characters urge each other to love maidenhsir be happy, not because they wish to deny or even to combat suffering, but simply because they recognize that no feeling is final.

Recipients of the Russian Booker Prize.

Maidenhair by Mikhail Shishkin | World Literature Today

Then, he added that if he could, he would make it obligatory for everybody to live abroad for several years. To shishkim what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This is what I believe: The woman who happens to be sitting across from you by the window has skin the color of an immature July ash berry, but you feel awkward staring straight at her, and you turn away and look out the window the whole time, while there the evening also shines the color to match her skin.

syishkin Shishkin’s prodigious erudition, lapidary phrasing and penchant for generic play are conspicuous components of his art in both Maidenhair and the earlier novels” – Boris Dralyuk, Times Literary Supplement hide spoiler ] And more review links at that there complete review. Decades ago I actually read all of Finnegans Wake along with several commentaries; now my reaction would be “Just tell the story why don’t you?