The Mandrake and its Representation of Machiavelli’s Philosophy The Mandrake or La Mandragola is a play written by Niccolo Machiavelli when he was in exile. The Significance of Luecrezia in. Machiavelli’s La Mandragola. Susan Behtntak. Lorng. The “fall” of Lucrezia in Machiavelli’s play La Mandragola is a puzzlement . Machiavelli, whether the Mandragola* stands alone, a tribute pure and simple to the versatility of Machiavelli’s mind, or whether the themes of the Mandragola.

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Parodies, while sometimes intending to be well-meaning may be destructive when they machiaelli stereotypes. However, many writers disagree, stating that the similarities of the characters are too striking to personalities in Machiavelli’s Florence to ignore.

Nicia believes that this is sound medical advice and, though reluctantly, persuades his wife to go along with the plan. Although he is not fully aware of the whole plot, Timoteo knows that Ligurio and Callimaco are tricking him, and he is not morally above taking advantage of the situation.

An Interpretation, offers a comprehensive analysis of the play as an allegory. Produced by European Drama Network[14] it was made in English with limited Italian sections, and it remains close to the original story.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And then, also, I find it so funny. However, the son, Cleander, finds himself threatened by a rival for Clizia’s love. More interested in the monetary gains for himself, he casts aside any moral obligations to end the deception.


The Mandrake | work by Machiavelli |

Carnes Lord offers a slightly different interpretation of the plot, but in keeping with the same main character comparisons. La Mandragola has witty dialogues and serves to be a hilarious machuavelli with characters ranging from the docile Siro to the deceiving Callimaco.

The inversions of the myth parodying Lucretia make her a whore, and in original tragic versions make her a saint. WIth all that follows. Enter the email address you signed up machiavdlli and we’ll email you a reset link.

The Mandrake by Niccolo Machiavelli

A reluctant Lucrezia is eventually convinced by machiavello mother and the priest to comply with her husband’s wishes. The protagonist, Callimaco, desires to sleep with Lucrezia, the young and beautiful wife of an elderly fool, Nicia.

Nicia is the ineffectual master of Lucrezia, the master who is dominated by his wife. This seems to sum up how the Mandragola can be addressed from different perspectives.

There were no marble theaters then, no tented awnings, no platform red with saffron spray. Alchemists and herbalists believed it to have magical qualities and used it for superstitious uses. In its beginnings, there was fratricide—Romulus killed Remus— it manddake time before the city developed into an empire and republic.


As explained above, desire brings all the characters into action.

The Mandrake

Both Lord and Sumberg suggest that Callimaco represent the new prince. He lived a life of some studies, some pleasures, and some business in Paris, enjoying his life. It is more or less a rape joke. A veneration and contempt for women are often closely allied, opposite sides of the same coin.

In redactions, it is this trait machjavelli is spoofed.

Or do you perhaps find it a compassionate portrait of struggling humanity? Everyone achieves their goals, through any means. So, she is not raped, even though he intended to do that. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There are several problems to his plan however. Mostly viewed as a comedy, it has been interpreted in various ways by different analysts. What about hanging ourselves?

Virtually every character has undergone some form of change and now has a newer, brighter future to look forward to.

Views Read Edit View history. The fact that all this deception has turned into a happy, peaceful state shows an interesting view of Machiavelli’s world.