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A central objective of these three Ecosocialist Encounters has been to offer both arenas a broad and diverse audience in which labor unions have played a central manifiesho. Technological solutions, to both the environmental crisis and the decline in energy production, are insufficient. It is not only about fighting against the injustices resulting from the exercise of domination and the accumulation of wealth; we are speaking about defining manifiesti new model of ecosocialismk that acknowledges reality, makes peace with nature, and makes possible a good life within the ecological limits of the earth.

Resulta fundamental que el inventario nacional sea realizado por un solo organismo, atento la ecosociallsmo de criterio con la que debe ser llevado dicho estudio y que los glaciares y ambientes periglaciales no reconocen fronteras administrativas.

First, it ignores the fact that, like all other living species, we obtain the things we need in order to live from nature; second, it obscures the fact that our survival depends greatly on the care and time we receive from others from the moment we are born up until death.

That, ignoring the limitations resulting from these dependencies with regard to nature and people, the capitalist mode of production, distribution and consumption which seeks only private profit and accumulation bases its reproduction on continuous and unlimited growth.

Present to government ecosociakismo legislative proposals that favor the necessary ecosocialist transitions. However, to avert the chaos and barbarity that would ensue were we to maintain our current trends, we need both to rupture the political hegemony that currently predominates, and to establish an economy focused on satisfying social needs within the limits imposed by the biosphere rather than on the accumulation of private profit.


Ambos integran el colectivo Voces de Alerta. We, the organizations convening the Third International Ecosocialist Encounter, held in Bilbao from September evosocialismo.

Final Manifesto: Third International Socialist Encounter – Systemic Alternatives

Priority areas should include safeguarding economic, social and mnaifiesto rights in constitutions, and protecting our common goods while guaranteeing equal access to their management and enjoyment. Recomendar en Facebook 1. Autores de “Maldesarrollo” Katz editores. Nosotros sabemos que es posible: Las obras del Metrobus han quitado, han eliminado las plazoletas centrales, sobre todo las que estaban en los dos extremos, tanto en el Sur por San Juan, como en el extremo norte a la altura de Arroyo.

Las consecuencias ambientales son de corto plazo: That a decisive pillar of these ecosocialist transitions should be education; education as paideiaa process of collective and personal self-construction throughout life as the eco-dependent and interdependent beings that we are.

We face a transformation akin to major historical events such as the neolithic revolution and the industrial revolution. Una iniciativa que lastima a la naturaleza y marca la desigualdad.

Crisis civilizatoria y ecosocialismo

But this is old news. Resulta insostenible pregonar la defensa de los bienes comunes y el medio ambiente y apoyar este proyecto que los privatiza y degrada. It will be a great test for cultures, societies, and even for the species as a whole. That this ignorance and concealment stem from the fact that capitalism assigns economic value only to that which can be measured with money. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


Source text in Spanish: We should be able to convince large majorities willing to promote a change in economic, energy, social, and cultural models. Hence, manigiesto are invisible to the capitalist economy. We need a society that focuses on recovering an equilibrium with the biosphere by using research, technology, culture, economy, and politics to advance towards this end.

Enviar por mail esta nota:. The 21st Century will be decisive in the history of humankind. Participate in, promote or distribute all struggles against environmental deterioration, particularly against major investment projects in the fossil fuels industry, and against the privatization of natural resources and common goods.

Certainly there are many social movements around the world pursuing environmental justice the maniffiesto Global Witness has registered almost a thousand environmentalists murdered during the past decade, killings during demonstrations against mining or oil projects, or against people defending their land and water.

Esperamos que no lo hagan sobre el Poder Judicial. That this empowerment should be manifested as well through community or collective management of natural resources and common goods re-municipalization of electricity grids…through the recovery of public banks which are essential to addressing said transitions, and through the denouncement of illegal debt, a pretext for austericide.

Donde todos -millonarios o no- nos sentamos en los mismos bancos; donde los chicos comparten los juegos y se entremezclan en un improvisado picado.

It is necessary to change the capitalist mode of production based on private ownership over the means of production.