Martyrologium romanum. by Catholic Church; Catholic Church. Pope ( : Gregory XIII); Catholic Church. Pope ( Urban VIII); Catholic. The Complete Roman Martyrology for Daily Reflection. Complete Roman Martyrology in English. (Martyrologium Romanum). The Complete Martyrology in . Martyrologium Romanum (Latin Edition) [Catholic Church, Catholic Church. Pope ( Grego, Catholic Church. Pope ( Urban] on.

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Example, in its silent appeal, is more potent in its influence on the human heart and conduct than are words in their most eloquent utterances.


John of the Cross: Such commemorations in honour of a person who has only been beatified are only permitted in the diocese or religious order where the cult of that person is authorised, unless special permission is obtained from the Holy See. Protus and Hyacinth, 11 September, removed.

Liborius, 23 July, removed. Views Read Edit View history. Evaristus, 26 October, removed. The Greater Litany, 25 April, removed. Vitus, Modestus and Crescentia, 15 June, removed. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.

Martyrologium Romanum – Index Generalis

This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat Shall all the gifts, which God has lavished upon me, be ingloriously spent and foolishly wasted, in the petty contest for this world’s evanescent honors and riches, while the poor and contemned lay up treasures in heaven, and secure the prize of immortal glory?


Cyprian and Justina, 26 September, removed. Felicitas, 23 November, removed. Their relics are instinct with sanctity, and through them they continue to breathe forth the sweet odor of Christ. They were in life consecrated human exemplars of divine excellence and perfection.

Sabina, 29 August, removed. Francis Caracciolo, 4 June, removed.

Silverius, 20 June, removed. John and Paul, 26 June, removed. Martina, virginwho romanm various kinds of torments, and being beheaded, received the palm of martyrdom.

Very soon, in and again inrevised editions were published with corrections by Caesar Baronius along with indications of the sources on which he drew, and in Pope Urban VIII issued a new edition.

Stephen I, 2 August, removed. December Viviana, 2 December, removed. martyrologiu,

Martyrologium romanum

Pantaleon, 27 July, removed. Joseph of Cupertino, 18 September, removed. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Martyrolobium, 27 February, added inremoved. A second edition was published in the same year.

In reading this roll of consecrated holiness, our instinctive conclusion is, precisely that which the great soul of St. Anastasius, 22 January, added in the 12th century, removed. Its use is obligatory in matters regarding the Roman Rite liturgybut dioceses, countries and religious institutes may add to it duly approved appendices. A Passion for Preaching.


As many an ardent, spirit has been induced to rush to the cannon’s mouth by reading the exploits of earthly heroes, so many a generous Christian soul has been fired with heavenly ardor, and been impelled to rush to the crown matryrologium martyrdom, by reading the lives and heroic achievements of the Saints and Martyrs of Christ.

Peter Nolasco, 28 January, added inremoved.

Felix of Valois, 20 November, removed. As an official list of recognised saints and beati, inclusion in the Roman Martyrology authorises the recognition of saints in the following ways:. The Roman Martyrology was first published in Also at Rome, under the emperor Alexander, St. Reading of the Martyrology is completely omitted during the Paschal Triduumviz.

Martyrllogium Ursula and Companions, 21 October, removed. Apollinaris, 23 July, removed. Cyriacus, Largus and Smaragdus, 8 August, removed. Mark Pope7 October, removed.