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MCBDG from ON SEMICONDUCTOR >> Specification: Inverter, Schmitt Trigger, MC, 1 Input, mA, 3 V to 18 V, SOIC MCBDR2G from ON SEMICONDUCTOR >> Specification: Inverter, Schmitt Trigger, MC, 1 Input, mA, 3 V to 18 V, SOIC Buy MCBDG – ON SEMICONDUCTOR – Inverter, Schmitt Trigger, MC, 1 Input, mA, 3 V to 18 V, SOIC at element order MCBDG now!.

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Results may vary by application. Save to parts list Save to parts list.

By selecting your country, you will have a much more streamlined shopping experience Write Product Review You have to be logged in to write a review. Kuwait Lebanon Oman Qatar. Trusted Shops customer reviews for synth-parts. Go to RS United States. Just for clarification, I’m working on a Centipede board.

The product detailed below complies with the specifications published by RS Components. Japan South Korea Taiwan English. South America Argentina Brazil. Im heading mmc14584 the door for a little mini vacation but will be back around monday. Ok, so my local parts store did have 74HC14 in stock Please enter a message. They both look like matching crosses, I just want to make sure though.


You have chosen to save the following item to a parts list:. The Logic Circuit has 2 x 7 connecting pins with grid of 2.

MC – Twisty Wrist Arcade and Pinball Parts

Specify a value for this required field. Taiwan Chinese Other Countries.

Sending feedback, please wait Thanks for the offer Riptor. Please enter a valid e-mail address. See a list of all our websites. Mounting of this part requiers soldering. The foregoing information relates mc145884 product sold on, or after, the date shown below.

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In some cases the JP, or other letter number combos will be the operating temperature ranges. Description Specification Tags 1 pcs. I found an reply http: Thanks in advance, Jeff. Other times it’s like Jrok stated, they are just used internally for the chip makers. Versandkostenfrei ab 60,- Euro. If you are exporting your goods please go to the India Website. Please enter a valid e-mail address Reset password You’ll receive an e-mail with a link for resetting your password.

LM should be easy to fine, I have 27 in stock and im pretty sure its available from digikey. Wouldn’t be the first time my research and something I read “on the internet” was wrong.


Here’s a good quick description of the differences http: If you don’t get an e-mail with your access data, please make sure that you have already registered with us. The ‘N’ prefix is the packaging code DIP which looks to be consistent across manufacturers of the part. Log in E-mail address Password? Thank you for your feedback.

Laos Malaysia Pakistan Philippines. Did you forget your password? If I remember right, HC is ttl compatible cmos.

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If you are ordering for delivery within United States, please click below to go to the correct website. You should the things they add to the chips when making them, much less packaging. As far as the jp prefix, one of those letters probably the J is likely the package such as plastic case or ceramic.

Typically when there are more alpha numerics the high the range. No ,c14584 available for this item. What are you replacing? Previous product Product 22 of I already have removed the old defective chip, I’m just waiting for the thumbs up on the 74HC14 being used as a replacement.