11 Jun This is an honest, no-BS review of Ben Pakulski’s MI40x (also called MI40xtreme and MI40x ). BACKGROUND. I actually contacted Ben. 18 May My Mi40x review will reveal everything you need to know about the program in order to make an informed decision before purchase. Read this MI40X Review to find out if Ben Pakulski’s muscle building product can help you put on lean muscle mass and burn fat at the same time.

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So how does he go about overcoming these perceived limitations? Let me tell you my arms are my most stubborn body part to grow, MI40X made them grow. All your questions answered This diet is a great addition to your nutrition arsenal away from the MIX program too – you can use it for one week out of every month to optimize your health, and to increase the chances of success on any other program you may decide to engage in in the future.

The supplementation guide starts off with a list of basic supplements you should be taking regardless of whether or not you work out:. No physical products will be shipped. June 11, at 3: This video is literally 5 minutes – it takes me only 5 MINUTES to get you started using CEP in your very first workout So, if you’re like me and you’re in a hurry, this video alone is worth its weight in gold And, if you’re like a lot of guys I coach, guys who want every little detail spelled out so they couldn’t mess it up if they tried Then here’s what else I have for you today: When he first came onto the scene he was very much about educating people on proper training techniques while pursuing his own career as a pro bodybuilder.


This unusual method of training was just reviewed and studied by a major university, and I didn’t want anyone talking about their insane results until after this training protocol was proven to work scientifically. MIx week 4 log shawnthebuffer says: I’m a complete beginner and wondering if I should try this program?

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever mi04x, and it takes a whopping four minutes per exercise to automatically trigger the CEP Response. The 7 Day Detox Diet Not only were the different training concepts extremely challenging for the body, and beyond anything I could have imagined.

I can testify to this.

The physical and mental toll it took on me were unparalleled, and so were the gains! This is the most optimal way to train, for someone looking to change their body composition; i. And, if you’re like a lot of guys I coach, mmi40x who want every little detail spelled out so they couldn’t mess it up if they tried.

A Guide you can quickly reference at any time, so you can spend more time DOING and less time sitting around trying to figure it out. This particular product has been in the making for a couple of years as he has tested it out with clients, and has been pushed back several times.

Years of poor lifting combined with an extreme program are im40x recipe for disaster! And it all happens thanks to a style of training I’ll reveal today. Hey, 3 times the muscle demands 3 times the guarantee Here’s why: Mi40x Honest Program Review […].

By now it is probably clear to you that the training methods used in Mi40x are legit and ni40x the program will be effective at helping you put on quality mass. Now, I’m ready, and I guarantee YOU better be ready to buy some new shirts, because after today you’ll need ’em, unless you like the Hulk look and don’t mind ripped-out sleeves, or just wearing tank tops everywhere.

I wanna have the mi04x on my Pc as well as on my phone.


MI40X Review: Can Ben Pakulski Help You Build Stacks Of Muscle Mass?

Notify me of new comments via email. I’m a pro bodybuilder, so you can only imagine what I’ve seen guys do out of desperation and greed over precious muscle. Contact Us By Mail Our mailing address is: The system was grounded in the basic principles introduced in the original MI40, but the intensity was kicked up to an unforeseen level. MI40x Final thoughts shawnthebuffer says: I was doing totally new things with my muscles and they were responding every single session. I had a lot of things that could’ve derailed my efforts, somehow I managed through it to finish.

Cell Expansion Protocol

The second part is this: Knowing you’ve done just the right amount of ass-kicking work to stimulate those cells to expand. I am not new to Ben Pakulski’s training style or his methodologies, but nothing could have prepared me for MI40X. Just because, when it’s all said and done, my passion is all about helping guys like you achieve their dream body. But he goes even further by providing tens, if not hundreds of hours of free video content and multiple other guides to help you to burn fat, build lean muscle, and ultimately, be a healthier version of yourself.

Ben PakulskimixMI40xMi40xtremereview. I’ve made a conscious effort to incorporate exercises and machines that are extremely common or easy to replicate in home gyms. These guys have billions of dollars, plenty of cash to sue my ass, and there’s no way I’m going to be able to keep this website live much longer if this pressure continues.