This user manual will explain to you how to install a motorised installation with a motor ref: Such installation needs some operations, on the motor, but. Please watch the video above then follow the following steps carefully to get your motorized system installed quickly. If you have any questions, visit our forums. Setting Up a Dish And Motor. How does a dish and Motor work? A dish and motor setup needs at least a 27 inch dish we recommend at least a 33 inch dish and.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back! For example, Athlone, which has a latitude of 53 degrees, will require an elevation angle of 36 degrees. If you do some of these procedures carelessly, you could injure or More information. The technical specifications and operating guides included in this manual.

Assembling Toroidal Thanks for usalss Toroidal.

How to Install and Align a Diseqc Motor – Free-to-air Television Information

Moto is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of antennas and entertainment systems for nautical sector. This operating manual will More information.

The following diagram will help you to locate any faults. A Moteck SG, a common diseqc motor, uses the formula 30 — declination angle. Performer isals are made to enhance comfort and to fit your various needs on touring, shopping and communicating.


In some cases, it is best to use RG11 coaxial cable for longer runs. All this in a completely automatic mode and with no specific technical knowledge required, either during installation or use. Disconnect SUB-D connector from.

Steps to a successful motorized system installayion Look for a high. Tighten the nuts on the HH Motor clamp attached to the supporting pole. Do I need a separate power line to connect to the HH Motor? Type the address of installation place address page 4. The motor will automatically be driven to the calculated position.

The installation of the Glomex Discovery instzllation in my experience of moderate difficulty for anyone with average practical abilities using fairly standard hand tools. The prime intention wlth this project was to design a small radio telescope, which can be assembled and used by school More information.

The line of sight must be free from obstructions, such as trees, roof tiles etc. Find your correct Latitude value for your zip code herethen adjust the motor elevation accordingly. Wall Formwork Corner Soldier Corner Soldier Designed to be used in congunction with standard soldiers, they simplify the construction of corners. Do not change the motor elevation. On a compass setting that is a degrees.

Select your installation site carefully!!! This operating manual will help you in the appropriate safe favorable More information. If you run into problems, firstly recheck the pole is level – this is critical for proper tracking. Fit the dish on the H-H Motor shaft and tighten the nuts. The technical specifications and operating guides included in this manual More information. Note the following data: Attach the Diseqc motor to the pole – tighten the motor fittings. Other problem not listed here.


The other consideration is to only use a motor with metal gears for durability, the SG Motor and the Stab motor made in Italy both have metal gears.

When the motor stops, check the signal meter on your TV screen. Please follow the Quick Guide instructions below.


Make it easy for yourself www. All receivers and rotors in accordance with the new standard will have this logo: S ample installation pictures! The mounting hardware in this kit is.

Congratulations on your purchase of Performer trike.

Antenna The installation of the Glomex Discovery is in my experience of moderate difficulty for anyone with average practical abilities installlation fairly standard hand tools. Required Supplies for Installing More information.