The Motorola GR Repeater provides the perfect solution. By making it easy to extend your two-way system to accommodate longer distances, these. Find great deals for Motorola Radius GR Repeater Station Input Voltage / vac. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Motorola gr repeater – 12 results from brands Tram, Motorola, Icom, products like Icom MICRO UHF MHZ 50W Repeater Duplexer N CONNECTOR.

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Motorola Repeater Station CDR at Rs /piece | Kalkaji | New Delhi | ID:

No matter if you have a MaxTrac, Radius or GM family radio, or which band radio you have, the synthesizer is controlled by the radio’s internal microprocessor whose operation is controlled by the codeplug a block of binary data which is generated with the Radio Service Software RSS and loaded into the radio through the Radio Interface Box RIB.

Once the pins are clean a microdrop of a product called “Stabilant” also known as “Tweek” on each pin helps a lot. As simple as the RICK looks, the designer included as much functionality as he could – the circuitry at first look is complex. Note that CAP is going to nationwide narrowband in the time frame, and some geographic areas are fully narrowband as I type this, so wideband-only radios are a VERY poor investment for CAP frequencies.

Motorola GR500 Repeater

More details on the internal jumpers in these articles: The mini-UHF antenna connector can now be unsoldered from the board, or you can remove its mounting nut and remove it with the circuit board.

Tell us what you need by filling in the form. If you do any DeskTrac servicing that involves the Logic or RF boards in the MaxTrac radio chassis inside the DeskTrac you will want the W84 manual mentioned above as well as the DeskTrac manual since it does not cover the internals of the MaxTrac radios at all.


Another interesting group is Motorola-Useralso at Yahoogroups. On this web page we are only concerned with the technical similarities so we can intelligently work on and program the radios.

Now mount and solder the new connector. With either one you can adapt other mikes like a David Clark aircraft headset or use the cord as an interface cable for an outside audio rwpeater.

Products Products Buy Leads Tenders.

It was based on the R full duplex radio that was based on the GM It was discontinued in October of Secondly, it’s more liable to stand up to motorolx, and it’s repairable. The MaxTrac manual numbers the microphone jack pins from top to bottom, and the DeskTrac manual numbers them from left to right. This section covers the mobile radios – see the DeskTrac Overview article in this section for additional information on the tabletop station.

Discontinued – please contact us for other product offerings. Really, repeter should have fepeater either an “-SP”, an “S” or an “X” model see the “Figuring out what you have” page at this web site on how to break down a radio model number. Any Motorola prices mentioned on this page or on any page at this web site should be taken only as a rough guideline. Moto Marketing reduced the maximum channel count from 32 in the Re;eater to 16 in the GM in an effort to force the folks who needed more than 16 channels into a “first tier” radio like the Spectra.

Personally I copy any code plug that I want to archive to an archive directory on my hard drive, using both regular and Lab software each to a different disk fileand that archive set gets copied to a USB backup hard drive and two different CD-RWs with the media from different manufacturers.


Until moorola get it, here’s the schematic. Programming any frequencies outside the preprogrammed limits requires using the “Shift” trick or patching the limits in the RSS i. Hams tend to have long transmit times – and it has been my experience that the extra power is not worth the extra heat, and the trip back to the site to replace a fried radio!

Communication Equipment in New Delhi.

The most recent version was used in preparation of the articles in this section. Second, the microphone input pin 2 on the 16 pin accessory connector is NOT pre-emphasized! The pin numbers are 1 through 8, left to right for the Desktrac, and right to left for the MaxTrac. Provides trunked repeater functionality, group calling, individual selective calling, advanced interconnect calling and airtime accumulation capabilities.

Occasionally you run across a radio that needs a new pin accessory connector. I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

Another option is to chop the old motofola connector apart using a Dremel Moto-Tool equipped with a rotary saw blade, then remove the individual pieces if you have decided to replace it then who cares if it comes out in one, two or several pieces – minimizing the damage to the circuit board is much more important.

Once all of the individual pins are free then unsolder each pin one at a ge500 from the bottom and lift each individual pin out of the top of the board with a pair of needle nose pliers.