What is Nocospray? Nocospray is an easy to use compact portable disinfection system that prevents the spread of disease and deadly pathogens. Our patented . Equipmed provides the innovative disinfection equipment known as NocoSpray. Visit our Infection Control page to learn more about its features!. Nocospray 2 Disinfection Concept in India. UNO Hospital Solutions is the best Nocospray Disinfection Product distributor and supplier in India. Nocospray India .

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What is Nocospray? – Nocospray

Surface Disinfection Wipes Reynard. Who are Innotec Nocospra Solutions? The Nocospray Disinfection System allows you to disinfect a room with 3 simpler, unbiased steps.

By automating the delivery process Nocospray nocosprat help you buy more time for your staff to focus on other activities. NocoSpray is a revolutionary complete disinfection technology developed in France. Actually it is quite an amazing product for disinfection. Nocosprag options Wall mounted version System to go through bulkhead to treat a room without entering. Wall Mounted Nocospray is available in two versions: NocoSpray Disinfection Technology is the ultimate and simple answer to destroying Stay up to date with the latest products like this No, thanks Nice one!

About us Our products Machines Disinfectant products Insecticide products Deodorant products Detergent products Accessories and controls.

Our NocoSpray Technology does not eliminate the need for manual cleaning with neutral detergent; NocoSpray is a recognised technology that uses H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxidea documented hospital grade disinfectant.

Wall mounted version System to go through bulkhead to treat a room without entering. Joe Schwarcz Show radio show. The difference between the age old fogger machine and our patented technology is as follows —. The pathogens that cause HAIs travel easily from person to person, person to surface and surface to person. Nocospray is an easy to use compact portable disinfection system that prevents the spread of disease and deadly pathogens.


A disinfection method that works uniformly, is unbiased novospray easy to use, like Nocospray can help stop pathogens from boarding the next train.

What is Nocospray?

Learn more about Disinfection Technology NocoSpray. With Nocospray, there is no discomfort in the eyes or throat when you enter the treated area after the 30 minutes of contact time. How to choose the best air alternating support surface. No action is required before other than cleaning and after treatment no wiping nor airing The treatment consists of 2 phases: Technology fits well into government cleaning requirements to replace harmful chemicals currently used in curative and preventative disinfection.

This interview was recorded on Sunday May 19th, Now buy Nocospray in India contact us now. Our solutions are safe for the disinfection of hospitals, long-term care facilities and schools. Equipmed Ltd are also proudly displaying these credentials:. Business registration, contact details and locations have been verified.

It nocosprau be used between the surgeries as well, especially after septic cases. This site uses cookies only to collect information about how visitors use our site. This technology has been developed and tested in both the laboratory and nocosoray settings. Discharge hose system for manual treatment Double nozzles for dispersion in long and narrow spaces corridors Available in V or V Remote control Customization of the device.


Aerial surface disinfection machine to treat rooms up to m3. In the same range Wall mounted Nocospray. Water mattress for premature babies against a gel pad. Terrey Hills nodospray, NSW. Over 1m globally now treated at home by Air Liquide Healthcare.

Nocospray is the world leader in high quality disinfection which achieves very high standards of disinfection and should be an excellent ncospray for any Hospital. Contact supplier for price. This is important because unlike claims that were shown only in a lab, when used correctly Nocospray can help you achieve significant disinfection results in the context of current realities.

En En De Fr. People also read Clinical studies on dry hydrogen peroxide decontamination. With Soybean Casein Digest Agar contact petri dishes, the results can be seen with hours. This video by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham shows how easily, quickly nocosprat broadly pathogens travel. Joe Schwarcz noted author, speaker and media personality on The Dr. Delivers the same airborne automated diffusion of decontamination products as the portable Nocospray but from a permanent wall siting.

Nocospray – Oxy’Pharm

Nocospray disinfection system Click on image to enlarge. Developed around a heating and ionizing turbine that transforms and emits the Nocolyse range of chemicals into a non-corrosive, non allergenic, biodegradable gas — with noocspray residue.

Compatible with Compatible with 1L cans of: Create new comparison list. Purchase Information Nocospray 2 as illustrated —