K views NORMA K Especificaciones de Tuberia T 1 B . la ocurrencia de un incidente, en los centros de trabajo del Organismo Pemex Refinación; . 7 6. en la Norma Oficial Mexicana NOMSTPS y en la Guía Corporativa. Norma k Rev 7 Teoria NRFPEMEXF(VAAR) . Concepto K- Principio de presión inversa Presión: P1 P3 P3 P1 Burgmann. 11 Jul is submitting the Form 6-K in paper as permitted by Regulation S-T Rule (b )(1) The following discussion of PEMEX’s recent results should be read in Petróleos Mexicanos hereby designates this report on Form 6-K as being /) filed by Compañía Petrolera La Norma, S.A., against.

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Loans obtained from financial institutions. Figures in all currencies are presented in thousands of the relevant currency unit, except exchange rates and product and share prices.

Tyul Files: Norma K Pemex Pdf

Pemex-Refining refines petroleum products and derivatives thereof that may be used as basic industrial raw materials; additionally, this entity stores, 11, distributes and markets such products and derivatives. Liabilities for loss contingencies are recorded when it is probable that a liability has been incurred and the amount thereof can be reasonably estimated. During the first three months ofnet funds provided by operating activities, totaled Ps.

Contingent revenues, earnings or assets are not recognized until realization is assured. Loans and receivables are initially recognized at fair value. Net cash flows from financing activities. The principal distinction between the Subsidiary Entities and the Subsidiary Companies as defined below is that the Subsidiary Entities are productive penex entities, whereas the Subsidiary Companies are affiliate companies that were formed in accordance with the applicable laws of each of the respective jurisdictions in which they were incorporated.

Excluding amounts attributable to non-controlling interests of Ps. Accordingly, cash flows from domestic sales are generated and recorded in Mexican pesos. Unaudited condensed consolidated interim statements of changes in equity. Accumulated other comprehensive result. All debt securities issued under this program are guaranteed by Pemex Exploration and Production, Pemex Industrial Transformation, Pemex Drilling and Services, Pemex Logistics and Pemex Cogeneration and Services and their respective successors and assignees.


All other financing costs are recognized in the consolidated statements of comprehensive income in the period in which they are incurred. Unrealized foreign exchange gain. Includes impairment of financial assets. PEMEX derecognizes a financial liability when its contractual obligations are discharged or cancelled, or expire. Profit loss sharing in non-consolidated companies, associates and others: When a party participates in, but does not share in the control of a joint operation, and subsequently takes joint control of that joint operation, this will constitute the acquisition of a business and previously held interest in the joint operation are not measured.

Distributions of dividends in non-cash assets are measured at the fair value noema the assets to be distributed. In order to continue to take advantage of the benefits of the Energy Reform and to ensure the economic sustainability of PEMEX, in and in the up-coming years, Pemex Exploration and Production will be focusing its efforts on the following psmex With respect to any activities not reserved exclusively for the State, the Subsidiary Entities may enter into alliances or partnerships with third parties.

Effects of net present value of reserve for well abandonment. The Subsidiary Entities and Subsidiary Companies are consolidated from the date that control commences until the date that control ceases. Address of principal executive offices.


Other financial liabilities are subsequently measured at amortized cost using the effective interest method. Your email address will not be published. Under IFRS 9, derivatives embedded in contracts where the host is a financial asset in the scope of the standard are never separated.

For more information about associates and joint arrangements, see Note When parts of an borma of wells, pipelines, properties and nor,a are significant relative to the total cost of the item, the part is depreciated separately.


Therefore, peex to the implementation of IFRS 15, the main impacts on revenue recognition with respect to the previous year are as follows:. Below is a summary of the principal accounting policies, which have been consistently applied to each of the periods presented and followed by PEMEX in the preparation of its unaudited condensed consolidated interim financial statements:.

Unrealized losses are eliminated in the same way as unrealized gains. A joint arrangement is either a joint venture, where both of the parties have rights to the net assets of the arrangements, or a joint operation, where the parties have both rights to pemeex assets, and obligations for the liabilities relating to the arrangements.

Once the assets are ready for use, they are transferred to the respective component of wells, pipelines, properties, plant and equipment and depreciation or amortization begins. Available-for sale financial assets.

While it will facilitate the sharing and downloading of torrent files, this program doesn’t actually have an integrated search. This increase was mainly due to the recognition of the increased net cost of the period.

Value of crude oil exports value in millions of U. The principal item measured at amortized cost is debt, while the principal item measured at present value is the provision for employee benefits. An pemeex contains a lease if performance under the agreement depends upon the use of a specific asset or pwmex, or if the agreement grants the right to use the asset.

Medical instruments and equipment. The aggregate value of this transaction is approximately Ps. The decrease in total sales resulted primarily from a