O Monge que Vendeu o seu Ferrari has ratings and reviews. Hatem said: قراءة: حاتمعنوان لافت للنظر يختصر قصة محامي ناجح يسقط ارضا اثر ازمة. O Monge que Vendeu o seu Ferrari has ratings and reviews. Dimple said: The monk who sold his Ferrari can be called as life-changing novel!.

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Live a life of discipline in every area. I am so much more impressed by the language in the book, rather than the book itself. Harish Sankar Read it one chapter at a time; Not the whole thing at once. I just cant turn back my clock The book is an excellent example of SEO optimized writing. I think the book is very good, useful and flashing regarding the self-improvment. Some books are meant to be tasted, some are meant to chewed, some digested.

Think about what is shared in the chapter. All the spiritual basics are there, the content is well rounded and the reader is enticed t The storyline of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is compelling: This novel made me realise the Mortality of Humans and how each day counts infact each moment and each thought!

If only I had understood the book at cerrari age and worked veneu its principles I would be in a far better place than I am today. All things around you come from the same source.

Harish Sankar Read it one chapter at a time; Not the whole thing at once. I always had a glimpse of it but never thought it was indulged in such books.


The writer conveys his insights in the form of a fable where a lawyer turned monk guides his protegee to adapt a life which will help him lead a prosperous, uplifting, fulfilling and virtuous life.

An amazing book that has the right content to serve our appetite for wisdom. Enjoy the possibilities that an empty cup gives you I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in their own personal development The core allegory of the book is priceless too: Your life moves in the direction of your thoughts.

Read thoroughly and applied diligently, this book has the potential to transform our lives. By living the now in the right sense, you correct the mistakes of the past, and build the future that lies in the distant horizon It is the first spiritual book I read. The first time I read this book I mone loved it.

Just as Julian teaches you to overcome your weaker thoughts and monotonous life, you need execute the same to chew, eat, swallow and absorb this book. Live each day as if it is your last. Quotes from O Monge que Vende On a personal level, and this book has certainly caused a lot of change in my life.

To teach these Lessons Robin Sharma uses a narrative between John and Julian; I actually loved this about the book because it moved away from jist being a self help book. In fact, the way the teachings vendeh been presented in a story format is the most important reason why this book has become so popular among the masses. I will be picking it up again for a thorough re-read in the future.

To ask other readers questions about O Monge que Vendeu o seu Ferrariplease sign up. In fact, he was a monk because he lost many things such quee family and children.


I cannot wait to get started!! If you’re a bit judgemental, overly self-co What an absolutely fantastic book!

O Monge que Vendeu o seu Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma (4 star ratings)

Books by Robin S. This book compelled me to live the life that I have always dreamed about. It combines hot trends at the time the book was written: And it introduced me to a Carl Jung quotation that’s now one of my favourites: Live with discipline; 5.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. I tell myself I’ll never regret what I did or did not do Lists with This Book. Sharma uses perfect English language, that encourages us to look into the dictionary at times and gives us a chance to enhance our vocabulary.

O Monge que Vendeu o seu Ferrari

As for my personal perception of the book, I do have some points to make; One of the things that bothered me about this book is the style it’s written in.

This is the kind of book that everybody should read, it’s so rich in wisdom that we all need to know and apply in our lives to be able to look back one day and say “I did it right. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads fferrari.