Prev Class · Next Class · Frames · No Frames · All Classes. Summary: Nested |; Field |; Constr |; Method. Detail: Field |; Constr |; Method. 2. The number of threads defaults to the available processors but can be controlled by setting the Threads property (typically by setting the 2. Hierarchy For Package 2. Package Hierarchies: Object. org. tSignatureHandlerFactory (implements 2.

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The top and sides of the ellipse will touch the edges of the rectangle drawn between x1,y1 and x2,y2. The PDF can then be rendered or saved as normal. Position the document’s window in the center of the screen. New documents start with an empty list. This option may rarely be needed to print some documents correctly on some JVMs. Note that since 2. When validating a signed document this needs to be taken into account. ColorAction which will convert any process colors into the specified ColorSpace.

Draw a line of text at the specified position. Set the clipping area to a circle centered on xy with a radius of radius. The text is automatically wrapped at the edge of the box specified in the call to beginTextand is aligned according to the alignment of the current style.

Package org.faceless.pdf2.viewer2

This method is identical to endText in every way, except no text is actually rendered. This method is a legacy method kept here for the large install base of 1. Here’s an example of how to extract the metadata into a DOM tree. Return the thumbnail image on the page, as set by setThumbnail org. Remove a Feature from the “Denied” list of a profile. Close any file resources the PDF may be holding on to.


Annotations In addition to all the methods above, which directly affect the contents of the page, Annotations can be added above the page via the getAnnotations method to provide additional visual effects. Set the EncryptionHandler to encrypt this document caceless.

Package org.faceless.pdf2

Text items on this page that are equals to one of pvf2 specified substrings. This “overflowed” text can be rendered in a new block by calling continueText Note: Force the document to be Acrobat 9.

Save the state of this page. The X and Y co-ordinates of the vertices are in the supplied arrays. Title The document’s title. Return the document-wide JavaScript, as set by setJavaScript java.

Big Faceless PDF Library

Set the Cache to be used by the library. Start a “link” section in the text. Any items added here will be pdv2 in order until one succeeds. Preflighting corrections in 2. Return the UserUnit, as set by setUserUnit float. Argument to setUnits float, int to measure the page in picas.

Parse and return all the text on the page as a StringBuffer. The following options are recognised.

PDF (Big Faceless PDF Library )

As annotations are not part of the page, they are not affected by any calls to setUnitsrotate and similar methods, are not copied to a canvas when a new canvas is made using the PDFCanvas PDFPage constructor and so on. Now, however, signatures can be preserved, and this method will throw an IllegalStateException if called on a previously signed document.


Other values are possibile but won’t be recognised by Acrobat. Note that this method will not work as advertised if the position of the text has been modified via the rotate float, float, double method.

These methods will not be deprecated and existing code has no need to change, but for more flexiblity the new approach is recommended: Merge the specified OutputProfile into this one, to create an OutputProfile that represents both targets.

Note that extracting text from PDF’s is not an exact science – the internals of a PDF allow text to be displayed in any order, and features like superscript, subscript, rotated text and so on which are easy to display in PDF can only be approximated in plain text. Text will be converted back to its normalized form, and newlines and spaces will be inserted in an approximation of the original layout. In most cases it’s better to leave them unset as the viewer application will regenerate them.

The specification is available for download here.

Create a new FormText object, and add an annotation at the specified location. Text object, and the offsets into those strings: