Prev Class · Next Class · Frames · No Frames · All Classes. Summary: Nested |; Field |; Constr |; Method. Detail: Field |; Constr |; Method. 2. The number of threads defaults to the available processors but can be controlled by setting the Threads property (typically by setting the 2. Hierarchy For Package 2. Package Hierarchies: Object. org. tSignatureHandlerFactory (implements 2.

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Package org.faceless.pdf2.viewer2

In most cases it will be more convenient to call the PDF. A ofg cannot have a maximum length and a number of combs at the same time, so setting this will also call setNumberOfCombs 0.

Get the version of the PDF. When the user clicks on the orgg, the specified action is performed. An event which is raised by the Viewer when a ViewerWidget is activated. Extracting BitMap images is a much simpler process.

Return the Output Condition for the faceeless Output Intent if specified, or null otherwise. If the default is used, then a fixed size thread pool is created with the number of threads based on the Threads property if specified, or the number of processors if not.

PDF (Big Faceless PDF Library )

Which page box to clip the page contents to when viewing the document on screen. Here’s the ubiquitous example: Which page box to display when viewing the document on screen. The resulting PDF may not be readable in earlier viewers, and an error will be thrown if any non-Acrobat 5. Text item on the page, in the specified order. This method is a legacy method kept here for the large install base of 1.


Package org.faceless.pdf2

Unless you’re rendering the annotation using the viewer, it’s not necessary to call this method. The resulting document may not be readable in Acrobat 4 or 5, depending on which features are used bit encryption, for instance. It’s nowhere near as efficient, and it’s use for this purpose is strongly discouraged. FormElement Cause the annotation list to be rebuilt.

String method for properties. Note this method does not return files embedded by way of a AnnotationFile method – they must be accessed via that class in the usual way. If more accuracy is needed you can get the exact page dimensions by calling the getBox java. The window’s title bar should display the document title taken from the the Title entry of the getInfo map. A type of FormElement representing a “Push Button”, of the kind used to trigger an action like submitting or resetting a form. If a FillColor is specified, the arc will be closed with a straight line.

Moving an annotation from a page with UserUnits set to 2 to another page with UserUnits set to the default value of 1, will effectively halve the size of the annotation. If the PDF Library is being used in an AWT application, especially one that may have background threads performing tasks, this value should be set to true.


Return a StringBuffer containing a contiguous range of text from this PageExtractor. Set the clipping area to the ellipse inside the specified rectangle. These “revisions” show how the state of the document has changed over time. For finer control, a path can be drawn using the path methods demonstrated above, and the pathClip method used to set the clipping area. This interface represents a structure which can be used to store parts of a PDF to disk, a database or some other secondary storage, to reduce the amount of memory required to generate a PDF.

FormText All Implemented Interfaces: A typical use of a canvas would be to draw a pattern created elsewhere, or perhaps a copy of an existing page, onto another page. FormText Create a new FormText object. This class describes the Bookmark or Outline part of a PDF document – the “Table of Contents” structure that allows easy navigation through the document. Most people won’t need to worry about the details. This can be done be specifying the key name as xmp: