To download ORIGAMI EAGLE NGUYEN HUNG CUONG DIAGRAM PDF, click on the Download button Tro choi co c?t tr. N?u cac b?n co nhu c?u gi thi lien h?. 19 Mar Nguyen Hung Cuong – Eagle (CP). Post by LeoMx» Thu Aug 02, pm. Hi people. I’m new in the forum (very interesting) watching the post i saw a page. Nguyen Hung Cuong. I tried to seek and fold all the diagrams I could find. But it was very difficult to find Publications: Eagle in the book “Permis de plier”.

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Hope to see those diagrams in any eage soon But I was not talking about Nguyen’s Gallery. More information about text formats. Eagle – Nguyen Hung Cuong flickr. Eagle Nguyen Hung Cuong.

The Origami Forum • View topic – Nguyen Hung Cuong – Eagle (CP)

nguyrn The Eagle’s CP has been published after Cuong Vietnamese call him like that upgraded the model to new version. It does say ‘Free’ and shows a portion of the crease pattern. Plenty of members are happy to help you there, and much more quickly than I could ever achieve. Afterallit’s a glue really expensive.

The Origami Forum

It looks different than the image on origami shop. While I’m a bit reluctant to fold the ancient dragon a second time, I really want to fold the eagle again – not sure when I’ll find the time, though.

If you’re fine with folding from CP, Satoshi Kamiya posted some for version 3. As far as I know no diagrams exist for the phoenix.

  BS 4592-0 PDF

Eagle | Recently I refolded some of my designs. This is one … | Flickr

Or, at least, I don’t plan to make an instructional video on them. Hope you understand, — Sara. If you keep practicing it, then it will work out on it’s own.

Hello Sara, I’m stuck in th step Eagle model, where does the side flaps go after step 75? I have seen that paper in several of eaglr models, but have no idea of what kind of paper is that One week later, and I’m done. Last edited by konan on August 4th, I can’t understand how people fold from a cp but tadashimori has a tutorial for it.

To be honest that diagram was a nightmare because it had quite a few mistakes and I had to figure it out on my own.

By the way, I hope to God this is legal! I would love to fold it as well! Ryan MacDonell My Designs.

Want to add to the discussion? Last edited by LeoMx on August 4th, I love the photography. I can’t make correctly the steps I can’t wait to fold it.

Some people can, but I’m not amongst them. I can do complex origami but some diagrams are hard to follow. The rest was in Vietnamese so I don’t know how to access it It’d be greatly appreciated!!! Fagle fear these models are too complex to be demonstrated in a video.

You may also like to visit: It looks very complex too, based on the level of detail I think it’s quite incredible: However, I do recommend posting such questions to an origami forum, e. Do you know what kind of paper uses Cuong?

My vacations jguyen going on and I would really like to fold it before my vacations end in June after which I would probably have no time to fold anymore. Sarapleasecan you help me? Then use the CP: Also LeoMx, the eagel you posted, is that for the CP or ?


Eagle (Nguyen Hung Cuong)

I guess I’m not the dragon type Welcome to My FlickR! Can you help me out on this close-up pictures perhaps many thanks in advance! You should be asking this question the maintainer of the shop, not me. I hope you won the challenge, too: Andhow about the paperwich another kinds of paper do you think I can use whenever I don’t have money to buy CMC Glue?

Skip to main content. No, I haven’t folded the roc, and to be honest with you not sure I will.

However, I like the eagle much better. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Not only do I not have enough time, but it’s not my model that I designed and I don’t think the designer will let me. Do u know which book or where i can buy instructions for satoshi kamiyas phoenix?

I haven’t been shy to say that Origami Essence is my favorite origami book thus far, but I do have to admit that the roc is the one model that didn’t pick my interest that much.