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It’s a six foot whip with 2 bellies so: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


I’ve really been contimplating the task of making a whip for myself, but of all the nuances that go into it, sealing it in wax worries me the most. Overlay is 16 plait at 72 inches, so 6 x ‘ I like to end with a six plait, 2x “, 2 x “, 2 x 90″, 2 x 75”, and 2 x Heat the wax to degrees Fahrenheit and put the whip in. Keep the whip covered in the wax, maintaining at least degrees, but not allowing it to get overuntil all the bubbles stop.

Hang the whip somewhere more or less straight until it cools. Log in or sign up in seconds. The knots at the transition each used about 2 ft and the heel knot used about 5 ft.


They look so nice and neat. It’s mainly decorative-another place to add distinction to the piece.

It smooths the overall texture and adds a little mass to the whip. I’ll really gonna stop talking now. Also, don’t leave it in a hot car on your seats or it might stain the seats.

One last thing, itf the wax gets scuffed looking, hit it with the hairdryer and it looks like new.

These lengths are not set in stone and as I plait I make decisions as to when to drop strands based on how crowded the plait looks. Too bad the colors are Steelers colors, haha! Want to add to the discussion?

Do you do this, and if so, can you explain your process? The strands usually come out a little long, but I’d rather that than too short.

I first saw it done on whips by Tyler Blake and figured out how to do it by bbullwhip Ron Edwards’ and Bruce Grant’s books on whip making and leather lacing. I was thinking about making one. Mine still look cheap. Also meant to say that the whip will be very stiff when it cools, but a few cracks and it loosens right up. Submit a new text post.


Here’s a link to a blog post by someone that calls himself Mr. On some whips the handle is too long to paracorr easily in the pan so I have to just do part of the whip at a time. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Waxing is pretty simple. Basically, it is the first belly moved from around the core to the exterior of the whip. And it’s actually canary yellow and gold-the thong is chocolate brown. I love your whips.

6 foot paracord bullwhip : paracord

Here’s how to do the square start I have one more paracord whip I’m paraclrd to and then it’s on the the leather. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Towards the bottom of the post is a download link for an Excel spread sheet calculator that is pretty handy.

Your whips look fine. I use it all the time.