Meribel Ski Piste Map. Free downloadable piste maps. Get a head start, plan your skiing before you go. Large format Ski Piste Maps, pdf & jpg. Plan out your time on the slopes before heading to Meribel or navigate the mountain while you’re there with our interactive Meribel piste map. Meribel Piste Map. La station de Méribel a tracé pour vous des sentiers réser- vés aux . Circuit en montée, le long des pistes de ski de fond, avec de magnifiques points de vue sur la vallée. itinéraires inscrits en pointillés sur le plan sont un peu plus difficiles.

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Another ref is S plan des pistes meribel seen on newer signs. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in.

It is also unclear whether the figures four Courchevel already include the pistes in La Tania or not. The whole piste at least up to the bottom of Table Verte is blue.

Not really a ski lift mostly for pedestrian transport between Croisette and Brelin.

WikiProject Piste Maps/Les Trois Vallées – OpenStreetMap Wiki

Mapped and tagged completely but roughly – traces wanted. Ways and areas seem complete. Last but not least Les Menuires Meribek des 3 Marches. Demolished in and replaced with Saulire Express. A nearby mountain hut is called La Sittelle, while the sign on the nearby drag lift reads Sitelle. Yes, Boulevard de la Becca and Chemin des Vallons are really marked with the same ref The route remains plsn as an off piste option during good snow. Top section pisets shared with piste?


Cable and bottom terminal shared with Cairn. Magic carpet near top of La Tania.

Two sections one middle station with shared cable. Also, the sign number is a rough indication of how much further the piste continues from that point on. Saint Martin 2 – Les Menuires.

Meribel Piste Map

Val Thorens partly next to Combe de Thorens. Top is red, bottom is marked as a blue piste. The French Wikipedia articles wikipedia: This can be useful for demolished lifts, abandoned pistes etc. Bottom terminal most likely at Prameruel.

Two more users have added no plan des pistes meribel than one object each. The spelling Preyrand is also found, mostly on older signs.

Rope tow next to Verdons piste near Lac Creux but on opposite side of piste. Formerly a red piste, now reclassified as blue. Compared to the figures above, some 13 pistes 5 blue, 8 green are still missing in the list.

To Saint Martin 2. Bottom terminal is plah approximaterest missing. Courchevel, starts at Prameruel in northern direction, to ski bus stop at Plan du Vah.


Construction permit for demolition of two lifts and replacement with a dex one is posted at bottom of Gravelles. Val Thorens — Alpage.

Rope tow in Preyerand, near La Ruade. Complete to the point where it joins Loze Est. Two sections with shared cable.

Only the glacier chairlift survives but only operates in the winter Year Published: Confirmed — Stanton talk Based on a work at www. Note that the stations also have refs G1, G2, G3 and G4. Has recently been extended at the top plah with Gelinotte for a short stretch.

Mapped from survey near top and Bing imagery.

This can be useful for demolished lifts, abandoned pistes etc. Now Piste des Inuits. If one of these users does not respond, this means remapping.