Using a practical problem-solving approach, James S. Nairne’s best-selling PS Introductory Psychology. Psychology. Share Psychology, 6th Edition. Product cover for Psychology 6th Edition by James S. Nairne. Copyright | Published. Instructors, Want to Share This Product with Students? Cengage. Psychology 6th edition (James S. Nairne) Chapter 1 review study guide by joshua_david_mooney includes 26 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

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Study tools include Learning Goals at the beginning of major sections to help students focus on key issues as they read, and Test Yourself review questions that allow students to check their understanding as they progress through the material. This practical, real-world approach gives students the “why” before delving into the details of “what,” psycuology and “where.

Click the box to view the tracking number. Introduction to Psychology, 11th Edition. New “Practical Solutions,” which illustrate the real-world relevance and application of psychology in students’ lives, have been added on such topics as “Want to Do Well on the Test?

Most Popular Books by Ranking. In the last 15 years, more than two billion answers have been submitted through Aplia, representing millions of students who have come to class more engaged and better prepared. Solving the Other-Mind Problem. Foundations, Applications, and Integration, 4th Edition.

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Psychology, 6th Edition

Begin pychology searching for your textbook by ISBN 10 or digit number that can be found on the back cover of each booktitle, author or keyword. New and expanded topic coverage includes updated discussions on the “Sybil” case, achievement motivation and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, implicit versus explicit prejudice, eating disorders, decision-making heuristics, magnetic seizure therapy, facial expressions and emotion, and many other topics.


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Nairne is the winner of the Charles P. Stanley Hall address at the APA. He’s an active researcher in cognitive psychology, specializing in human memory, and has published dozens of articles in professional journals. New to this edition.

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This award reflects Nairne’s record of success as a committed teacher and researcher, including the pschology of Purdue’s highest teaching award as well as numerous teaching awards from the psychology department and the School of Liberal Arts. Psychology 6th Edition Authors: We know it’s a better way, and we’re going to show everyone how to make a college education affordable again.


Psychology 6th Edition by Nairne | Rent |

Next select how long you would like to rent the book then add it to your cart. Modules for Active Learning, 14th Edition. The Tools of Psychological Research. Return shipping is prepaid so please use either of the ediyion methods to ensure they arrive at the correct facility.

These questions can also be used to prompt lively classroom discussion and debate. You can buy or rent the book through Campus Book Rentals. The Science of Mind, 3rd Edition. Nairne Purdue University James S. 6yh

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