20 Apr The Armstrong Pullup Program is definitely more popular than the Recon Ron Pullup Program, however I have experienced VERY significant. 17 Jul This is the “Recon Ron” chin-up program, apparently from the Marine Corp, and I hope to find some ways to tweak it over the course of the “RECON RON” PULL-UP PROGRAM. This program for increasing one’s ability to perform “dead hang” pull-ups comes courtesy of the USMC. The USMC’s.

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pululp March 22, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Click Here to get started with some of my best resources. I have tried them all with the recruits and the most gain I had was by using the below program.

So, anywhere from minutes would be best in that context. Padding on the bar never helped me.

You will rest again for 60 secs and do your crunches. May 30, at By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Since you just went through the process, would you mind answering a few for me? The Recon Ron Pullup Program would be perfect in this role. Wish I could get that good of a score on my run. Followed by a set 4 and then 3 for a total of 23 pull-ups each day during the first week.

No, Angelo actually see if you can do the workout times a week, doing the same workout a whole week before mixing it up. The program runs for 38 weeks. Now, the Recon Ron Pullup Program is much more sustainable, in part, because phllup uses a linear progression.


And now my most important question: Last Jump to page: This article is an orphanas few or no other articles link to it. We offer free fitness tools to help you reach your progra, goals.

I was stuck at 17 pull-ups for a good 6 weeks after working for about a year to reach that goal. Go ahead and keep doing Armstrong—just add some weight and mix in some of the other workouts here.

Recon Ron Pull-up Program « From Civilian to Marine Officer

June 27, at Those would be my suggestions. So for the first week, you will begin with a set of six. To successfully use the Recon Ron Pull-up Programone must follow the table below by doing five sets of pull-ups a night except for Sundays. December 1, at January 3, at With regard to calluses — check out http: What did help was using athletic tape and building up a larger, tape-covered bar.


November 11, at When that starts to happen, you have a few options…. But I worked my butt off! Add a little weight. I graduated OCS last summer, and was well-prepared thanks to your blog.

[Recon Ron] Pullup/Chinup Workout Program

I was at about 8 to 10 max pullups when I started. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Thanks for your comment! I have used Pavels ladder program like this 14,12,10,10,8 and I took seconds rest between reps.

For I cannot disappoint Jesus.

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