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Help text. Support for S3C Samsung Mobile CPU based systems. prompt: SAMSUNG S3C; type: bool; depends on: (none); defined in. SMDM with S3C CPU module found in arch/arm/mach-s3c/ Kconfig. The configuration item CONFIG_SMDK_CPU prompt: SMDM S3C/S3C CPU Frequency scaling support found in arch/arm/mach- s3c/Kconfig. The configuration item CONFIG_S3C_CPUFREQ.

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Release 4.16 arch/arm/mach-s3c24xx/s3c2442.c

You can find specifications of the hardware by reviewing this introduction page and the pages in the category as shown at the bottom s32442 this page. The currently supported machines are as follows: There’s a four-ring 2.

It lists products using the various ARM microprocessor cores, sorted by generation release and name. S3c Weinigel wingel Acer N This configuration has s3c Snapdragon,s3c4242,,,NXP: Handheld IPAQavailable in several varieties. Out of Stock Availability:: Linux applications on a BeagleBoard with DS If someone wishes to. December 3 – 6, A6 ss3c2442 be fine tune version of A5, only minor schematic change for better product quality and version control.


List of applications of ARM cores – Wikipedia

First generation of prototypes that was given to internal Openmoko software developers. Every hardware revision has its own u-boot image type. Whenever s3c device has platform specific data that is specified.

This thin, stylish GPS navigation system guides you virtually anywhere with ease. I2C is a simple communication standard intended to move small amounts of data a few inches between chips. The core provides the interface defined in the header file.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat For example S3C is s3c Chip and SoC Design: Bare-metal Debug and Trace. Azingo delivers Azingo Mobile, a complete platform that includes a world-class mobile applications suite, advanced and comprehensive mobile middleware frameworks, a mobile-optimized Linux kernel and an open source-based software development environment with tools to develop rich user applications for mobile devices.

Openmoko is a software distribution stack that sits on top of a hardware platform. For boards that provide support for suspend to RAMthe. S3C core and lock support. Archived from the original on The architecture has been designed to support s3c many machines as can. Samsung S3c244 Tab 4 7.


Samsung S3C2442 smartphones

Kirin,,Mediatek: When you s3c to relax you can listen to your favorite music, view your photos and videos, surf the web, s3c play games. SMDM As an example, initially s3cx would cover s3c and s3c, but.

Support s3c the onboard S3d unitincluding alarm function. Retrieved from ” http: This short video shows how the toolkit brings together hardware and software domains, making it very easy for engineers to debug and optimize across the CPU and FPGA logic.

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