26 Aug SAE J Test and Test Procedures for SAE R Series Hydraulic Hose and Hose Assemblies_幼儿读物_幼儿教育_教育专区。SAE相关. Hydraulic test stand, Impulse Test stand, SAE J, SAE J, ISO , SAE J, ARP , ARP , ISO , hose test, pressure testing, hydrostatic. 1 Jan Buy SAE J TEST AND TEST PROCEDURES FOR SAE R SERIES HYDRAULIC HOSE AND HOSE ASSEMBLIES from SAI.

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These are even more powerful and delivery superior testing pressure to run your tests. We have been featured once again in Building Products magazine. Test Standards Need to find the right standards for your new product or solution? Testing Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Coupled hose assembly lots should be sampled and tested utilizing an acceptable burst and proof pressure procedure.

It is recommended that every facility making hydraulic hose assemblies have a copy of the HS standards manual.

Subscribe here to the 4ward Testing newsletter to receive news, details of our latest solutions and special offers. The hose assemblies to be bench tested must be inspected to ensure conformance to applicable test specifications.

Hydraulic Test Stand, hydrostatic test stand, pressure testing and others please contact our sales rep. It can run flexing and rotating testing up to 20 Programmable wave points in accordance to the following norms: The same cautions apply to tube testing as with hose assemblies. Click here to get k343 information.


This proof test is conducted at twice the working pressure of the hose unless otherwise specified by the customer. The equipment has pre-set Square and Peak waveforms in accordance with customer defined or international standards, and on top of that the equipment has customized waveforms capability that allows the waveform to be programmed up to 20 points Pressure x Time.

The 4ward Testing standards database provides a rapid method to identify the correct standards for your new product. Their wide experience, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of international specifications and standards, has helped speed the testing process considerably and their professional,… “.

Brake hose testing is the most vital aspect of automotive manufacturing. There shall be no leakage, hose burst or indication of failure below the specified minimum burst pressure.

Brake Hose Testing – Avoiding the recall trap. Our Solutions 4ward Testing solutions provide: The use of air or other gaseous materials as testing media should be avoided because j433 the risk to operators. It is recommend ed that proof and burst testing be performed in accordance with SAE J and SAE J or an applicable industry standard or customer specification.

Customer defines its own test standard!

Hydraulic test stand, Impulse Test stand, SAE J, J

In special cases where such media are required for the test, strict safety measures are imperative. The test pressure shall be maintained for a period of not less than 30 seconds or more than 60 seconds. Standards BS Part 1. The SAE J standard gives methods for testing and evaluatinig the performance of the SAE R series hydraulic hose and hose assemblies hose and attached end fittings used in hydraulic systems.


Test methods for threaded hydraulic fluid power connectors shall conform to SAE standard J Specific test and performance criteria for evaluating hose assemblies used in hydraulic service are in accordance with the requirements for hose in the respective specifications of SAE J With increased opportunities for libel action and demands for quality and value it is vital that the automotive industry follows strict standards for testing and quality assurance. Webinar available click here to get more info.

Their wide experience, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of international specifications and standards, has helped speed the testing process considerably and their professional,…. This equipment allows hose manufacturers to burst their hoses without spendig a cent with fitting design. Employs fluid compatible with hydraulic oils. The available Impulse test stands for hydraulic components are: Burst Test Hose Assemblies on which the end fittings have been attached less than 30 days shall be subjected to a hydrostatic pressure increased at a constant rate so as to attain the specified minimum burst pressure within a period of not less than 15 seconds no more than 30 seconds.