The Kabala of Numbers () Sepharial CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 I THE POWER OF NIMBERS 5 II GEOMETRICAL RELATIONS OF THOUGHT 17 III. Author: Sepharial; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Downloaded: times; Categories: Kabbalah or Qabala, Astrology And Geomancy; The science of . The Kabala Of Numbers; The Original Source Book In Numerology has 21 A book of Kabalistic numerology: how numbers effect our lives and how they can be . and a notable 19th century mystic and astrologer, better known as Sepharial.

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Change, reaction, disappointment, 28 denial, catalepsy, collapse, ruin and death.

The Kabala Of Numbers by Sepharial

A law should include all the facts. He comes, then, of a stock making for spiritual enfranchisement, zealous and 43 enthusiastic.

Part I introduces numerological theories and practices, including how to read others’ thoughts through numbers, jabala and influence success and failure, and understand “chance” events. An 80 intelligent theory of the universe leaves kanala for variety of interpretation. Observe, then, that 9 is associated with all sharp, keen, and pointed things, such as are made of steel and iron, spears, lances, scalpels, swords, knives, flints, tongues of flame, etc.

These they related to the cosmic bodies, conceiving them to be enveloped by an aura which defined their sphere of action and maintained their relationship, just as they held that the solar system was limited by a crystalline sphere.

Sepharial – The Kabala Of Numbers (2.2 MB)

The result is then divided by 7, and the remainder will indicate the crop conditions of the year according to the following sequence: You will get it back by inquiry among the children or students. The science of numbers is the key to both. These figures have always been used in symbolical sepharrial to represent states of consciousness.

Of yourself or your figure, your apparel, investiture, unmbers, position, credit. We have seen that it is a symbol, and that it answers to a system of physiognomy by which we have learned tje concerning the character of the Creator whose forces ensoul it. There are 5 words in this sentence, so the figure 5 is set down.


Ya rated it it was amazing Mar 02, Try a washing stand. The conclusion based upon a close study of this familiar but little understood phenomena, is that the subconscious, or subliminal, mind of the projector is not only aware of the presence of other minds, but is capable of projecting itself into immediate relations with them. For which reason we posit the numerical analogue: In manure or soil. You will get it back yourself with very little seeking. It is the chief terminal number, as we have tne, as it denotes death, decay, ruin, privation, loss, imperfection, and corruption.

I have already affirmed 54 the universe as a symbol. An empiricism continued through many centuries determined the signs corresponding to various areas of the earth, to territories, kingdoms, cities, and towns. They have also a numerical system of Arudha by which lost things are found. This distinction is necessarily only a crude one, and open to many objections. There are no reviews fhe previous versions of this sepharixl. You have the article yourself. Moreover, it is seen to have an obliquity or deviation from the upright, and an oscillation on its own line of obliquity.

Of a death by malaria or enteric fever; of a journey, a message; of a sister; a neighbouring tank or pool. The 51 sum of the nativity gives just that touch of art and sociability which rounds off the corners of a naturally intense and keen nature. Of much gain, numbrrs wealth, gold, the sun, something shining or brilliant. But many coincidences make a law. In his absence from my room I took a postage-stamp, of value one anna, and placed it in a rather large box, holding this latter in my hand.


Amit rated it really liked it Apr 04, We are only now beginning hhe read its meaning. I cite only an instance.

Sun’s declination from Ephemeris at 6 a. The ancient Chinese formulated a theory of eclipses which was found to be workable and in line with events, but they had no conception of the earth as a spheroid. The last two words of this sentence are given below in Hebrew with their numerical values.

The article is not lost, but is in your possrssion. Of wealth; a princely friend; a Brahmin; a religious meeting; of sandals and things in pairs.

From the product 3 is subtracted. In the house of the bawarchi or cook. Clean, tight, no marks.

The Kabala Of Numbers; The Original Source Book In Numerology

The idea of Venus de Milo existed in the sculptor’s mind before it received material expression in stone. The intelligence striking through the composite of personal tne reveals itself as character.

We are as much subject to the laws of sense as to those of thought. Further, we see that none of these units sepnarial a perfect or circular orbit, but that its course is marked by a certain eccentricity which entails that at certain stages of its career it wanders further from its gravitational centre than at others, and then we observe that its progress is slower. The former are positive, and the latter negative.

May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. But, however that may be, it is nevertheless a fact that there is a certain submerged area of the mind- sphere which is linked up with the World-Soul and is capable of automatically reflecting the things contained in the memoria mundi.