Seterus Package **** LBPS 3rd Party Authorization Form FAX# Imaging Department. NEW number: Short. Bank of America Short Sale Application Package – 1st Mortgage .. Link to Short Sale Package: ; Address: PO Box. Seterus lender information. Seterus quotes 45 days to complete a short sale. Manually fax the short sale package, wait for documents to be uploaded (

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I told them NO, the borrower is going directly with Seterus, and we dealt with Seterus from there on.

Fannie Mae Short Sales

We will notify you of our decision with either a written offer or a denial letter within 30 days of our receipt of your completed application including all packahe documents.

I find this works best. Finding the best solution for your situation also may require us to: Seterus issues closing instructions and requests for signatures on the short sale approval letter, as well as other documents: Doing your own short sale? I wish someone would update contacts, and numbers Has anyone done a short sale with Seterus lately?

And the day that the lender approved the sale, our buyer walked! Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Seterus negotiates in three structured phases: Fannie was on the file immediately and we received approval around 11 days.

After uploading, Clarifire will call and ask to be involved.

Qualification depends on your financial situation and factors relating to your loan s. This number varies depending on how quickly the parties respond to requests: In the mortgage industry, hardship is defined as the reason why a shotr is having difficulty making his or her mortgage payments, such as job loss, medical emergency, illness, divorce, etc.


Print and complete Third Party Authorization Form: If needed, a local representative acting on our behalf may asle you to schedule a time to enter the property to perform the evaluation.

Submit a Contract — Participating Mortgage Servicers

Both Processors and Negotiators communicate through secure email. Where do I get the Seterus short sale package. He was dealing with kidney failure and diabetes, and he had been forced to give up his job.

If you do not have an active account, you will be required to register in order to setsrus.

Required for Initiation

It took us just over a week for us to get another buyer lined up: For example, we may be able to modify the terms of your loan, potentially reducing your interest rate and thus your payment amount.

Harold had trouble coming up with some of his documents – some were hard for him to locate, and some that he provided us with were incomplete. Seterus short sale Started by Nadia Scheffers. Call us for a free consultation Seterus Short Sale Telephone: Started by Vanessa Machado Apr 16, You can try them, but if they are wrong, you will have to research and contact each loss mitigation co yourself. Through the site, you will be able to do the following: Complete Guide to Short Sales.

Respond to the offer, respond to investor fee caps, determine relocation incentive eligibility, request investor-specific requirements, determine cash contribution requirements Closers: Back to all lenders.

For security purposes, we recommend password changes every 90 days.

The agent will place the offer being reviewed by the servicer into homepath. Receive an approval in under days by providing them what they need within 48 hours, same-day if possible. Does anybody have the corporate or swithcboard number for Seterus? Comments 0 Add Your Comment. Collect additional documents, request document corrections, order appraisal, complete the file.


Lenders we’ve worked with. When I checked with Seterus loss mit.

I seterux told they cannot retrieve anything that is uploaded different dept and to fax everything in to the imaging above. Compared to other lenders, escalations will likely not be necessary; however, Seterus allows escalation requests dhort no response has been received in 72 hours: Information on additional documentation required and how to submit documentation online is available log in required. Several debilitating health conditions meant that he was no longer able to work.

We paciage having meetings on it today so I can better address questions later but here is shodt gist: Also, they do not require a financial worksheet other than the Form For a free, no-obligation consultation, tell us about your situation or call us directly at I just got this message from the Negotiator I work with at Seterus.

Like 10 members like this Share Tweet Facebook. Just a crossing of communication. Seterus, unlike other lenders, will respond at the same pace the parties respond.

Submit Your Request For Assistance. These real estate profiles, blogs, blog entries and forums are provided here as a courtesy to our visitors to help them make an informed decision when buying or selling a short paclage.

I contacted Seterus directly for the proper uploads to their loss mitigation and never had a problem, since most numbers given on each group on this site, are old and no longer in existence or have been changed, including the people to contact, etc