SAP AG. ▫ R/3 System TAMM40 Materials Management. ▫ Release B. ▫ April . Preface. Content: Classification & Related Areas in MM It is the most comprehensive training academy in the business software industry. . ORIGIN. PLAUT. PricewaterhouseCoopers. Siemens. Acer. Adobe. Amdahl. Fujitsu. 3 Mar SAP_MM._functionality_and_technical_configuration. Except the material provided by SAP which is Bible of the module, all other . o arrange external training with certification in SAP MM on company expense.

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Here you should choose the desired location and language.

Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I am working on my SAP project and that will open many doors for me. So you might also be able to pay with one of your local payment methods.

However, usually people keep asking similar questions about SAP certification. Chetan maini Aug 13, Wallace Jan 27,9: Cub Training Dec 8, Victoria John Mar 9, Is an integrated software solution that incorporates the key business functions of an organisation such as Human Resources, Financials, Procurement, Sales and Distribution, Manufacturing, etc.


You see that instead of the nearest dates and locations the webpage says No schedule available in your country.

SAP MM (Material Management) Training Tutorial

That is classroom based SAP training is a better fit for people who very much like a guidance of a live instructor during the course. When you are done, click Continue. Is it really helpful or is it just like reading a book?

So far it is the most convenient way that is offered by SAP. In this article we will explain how to register for SAP Certification exam. Hello friends, I really appreciate your valuable feedback but definitely delete those comments which were written for the purpose of advertisement with appreciation.

And good luck with your certification, we are sure you are going to ace it. Wallace Nov 4,9: Mk SAP will offer you two opportunities: It is ssp to assume that this headline definitely implies some value.

Want documents or study material for MM module.

With online training you unfortunately loose the contact with a live instructor. Qa Tools Nov 26,3: Kavi Kavethanjana Jan 4,2: SinduBindu com Jan 23,3: Rajesh Nov 13,3: Moreover, the syllabus includes references to SAP training courses where you can learn more about a particular topic. Try to be patient with SAP website, because due to the fact that it has a lot of fancy images, it sometimes takes quite some time before it completely loads.


Anonymous May 6,7: So, we decided to materia, an article, which focuses not on particular training providers, but on the types of SAP training.

And what are the important topics? Proof of the above must be presented upon registration.

Therefore, we decided to write this post and discuss different perspectives on value of SAP Certification. You should normally be able to find contact details on the official website of SAP in the section of Training and Education.

Sreenivasa Naik Nov 26,5: On the other hand, online SAP training might be good for those who like to learn on their own pace.