Purga [Sofi Oksanen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Muy raramente surge una novela que suscite un entusiasmo tan unánime como esta tercera obra de ficción de la escritora finlandesa Sofi Oksanen, joven. Sofi Oksanen – La Purga. Alessandra E Visinoni. Uploaded by. A. Visinoni. This document is currently being converted. Please check back in a few minutes.

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Purga (Spanish Edition): Sofi Oksanen, Salamandra: : Books

Zara is the grandniece of Aliide, and at the beginning of the book ooksanen is subjected to sex trafficking by the Russian mafia. Occupation of the Baltic states.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Nordic Council Literature Prize winners. Tuula Marjatta Ahola Rissanen Publisher: Ingel was very pretty, even beautiful, and whatever she did, she did it always better than other girls.

She finds a young woman, Zara, lying crumpled in her yard, and the story follows the relationship between these women and the explosive secrets they carry, t Part psychological thriller, part historical fiction, this book was not at all what I expected.

You should avoid reading reviews if possible purgs too many give away too much, but to give a general idea, the novel begins in Estonia inwhere an old woman, Aliide Truu, lives alone in the countryside in an atmosphere of fear sfoi decay. Why everything changed after that? I believe that we have a novel where every chapter matters, every moment is a small storm leading to the catharsis of the end, the moment when freedom becomes tangible, however briefly or tragically.


This helped Estonians to organise a new resistance movement in the late s, regain their independence inand then rapidly develop a modern society. These people had become so real that I didn’t just accept the words on the page as given. Zara and Aliide will never die away from my mind as long as I will remember.

Their behaviors and motivations. Latest release in Israel Hatihur. However, four purgz ago, I picked it up again and was sucked into the story!

To cleansing and we know what meaning the 90s gave to that word. I have read lots of Russian and Soviet stuff so some of that “tension” is familiar, all that not-knowing-who-you-can-trust stuff. The way Oksanen uses the Finnish language yes, I read this in Finnish, which is really rare, since I mostly read in English is amazing.

Sofi Oksanen Official Homepage: Books: Purge ()

Zara is the catalyst that brings life to a dormant life and allows Aliide finally let go of her past – some of it at least. She pulls no punches. All hope and eulogies that man remembers the sins of the past to avoid repeating them are extinguished.

Muy interesante, el tema fuerte y conmovedor. Retrieved 7 November The disturbing harshes of the lifes of these two women, the despair of Hans in losing this wife and daughter, the passionate love of Aliide oosanen Hans and Zara’s hope of better future make this story a breathtaking read.

I was too curious to pass it. She can create suspense even when pura know what the outcome will be. Jun 07, Milka rated it it was amazing Shelves: Through a series of flashbacks we get to know the stories of Aliide and the mound, who turns out to be Zara, a young Russian girl who’s trying to escape the men who’ve trafficked her to the West. When the big history and the small ones collide, something’s going to explode.


Samuels bok — Sven Delblanc Some books can manage such explanations with style, though I’m thinking of, for example, Milan Kundera’s booksbut not this one. English Choose a language for shopping. Her desire to bring financial security to her family leads her into a network of prostitution and sexual slavery. The wars are over here, democracy and freedom have won the day, the KGB archives are opened, the oppressed are getting back what they lost and all the old lies are going to be uncovere World War II and the cold war gave birth to the modern spy thriller, where everything was about uncovering secrets and false loyalties.

Retrieved 13 November Latest release in India Nadukadathal. Only I refrain from passing a quick judgement for Aliide. I didn’t like it. Ich habe relativ lange gebraucht, um einen richtigen Zugang zu Sofi Oksanens bekanntestem Roman zu finden. This is the first time the award has gone to a foreign author.