29 Jun Kelly’s new autobiography, Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me, is full of moments like this—bizarre, amusing, self-aggrandizing, often sexualized. 26 Jun In this excerpt from the “Yo Pac! Yo Biggie!” chapter of R. Kelly’s Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me, the R&B star describes meeting rap superstars. Soulacoaster. likes · 1 talking about this. Edinburgh’s premier soul experience. A full 12 piece band with backing singers, percussion and brass.

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Kelly, you will come to appreciate him and respect his gift. His attorneys told him the smart move was to settle out of court.

It doesn’t matter because he’s an amazing storyteller and the man has a special way with words. Lists with This Book.

Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me

His impact on the industry is immeasurable. Oct 11, Yuting Hong rated it it was amazing. I think I laughed out sou,acoaster at that point. He is known for a collection of major hit singles including “Bump n’ Grind”, “You Robert Sylvester Kelly, better known by his stage name R.

Soulacoasger years he was quite about his personal bat R. The irony of writing a book that you will never have the opportunity to read.

R. Kelly’s Memoir Is an Entertaining Read, But Too Many Skeletons Stay in the Closet.

The “writing” was okay, but it was the sincerity that got me, darnit! Dec 15, OOSA rated it really liked it.


He would be laying it bear for all to read soualcoaster most to judge.

I would love to teach him to read!! Aside from the awesomeness of R. Kelly fan, but reading this book introduced me to Robert Kelly. Want to Read saving…. What i most enjoyed about the book was learning about how the love of his mother Joanne Kelly and the First time i listened to his music was in third grade watching the opening scene of Space Jam. Our artistry runs in the same form. Or maybe he didn’t.

R. Kelly’s Memoir, Soulacoaster, reviewed

Sep 04, Mike Siegel rated it really liked it. I wanted him to be more forthcoming with his legal troubles but he did address them – just didn’t quite fess up to things like I was hoping for.

When he was getting his start as a Chicago street performer, R. The Diary of Me.

I never judged him, like so many did, about the child pornography scandal, because in my heart of hearts I just never quite believed what the media and folks were saying, and he put that scandal to rest in this book.

Oct 20, Sassan rated it it was amazing. Kelly can’t stop writing hits and likes to relax at McDonalds when he has the time.

No ‘with Gore Vidal’ or ‘as told to Toure’ or anything like that.

Aug 05, Amar Pai soualcoaster it liked it. As with many tales in the book, McDonald’s makes an appearance. Speaking of reading the book, I found the heavy handed use of photoshop to be very, very distracting. But I was scared at the same time. Whatever your feelings are, the talent of R. Kelly says it made Biggie cry. But was it engaging and entertaining?


Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me – Wikipedia

Kelly is fascinating enough that it’s still worth a read. You can find new stories here.

A lot of the book focuses on his shame about being unable to learn to read; he has some kinda hardcore dyslexia, and even when he graduated high school he was functionally illiterate. Trapped in the Closet basically encapsulates the mystery of R. Of course nowadays Rkelly is an easy target for piss jokes and a scapegoat for statutory rape. He doesn’t delve deeply into his love life much, but he does touch on it.

My man R Kelly didn’t disappoint – a great book of fascinating life stories with R Kelly’s trademark soulacaster and narcissism. My opinion is he’s had his day years in court and was acquitted because they couldn’t prove when the soulacoasher was made and she refused to testify.