17 Feb When compiling SQLRPGLE source via CRTSQLRPGI, the SQL preprocessor includes the datasets containing variables for SQL execution. That implies to me, that if you want to use commitment control in SQLRPGLE, all files updated by the program must be journalled and all must. The module type will be RPGLE, only the source is SQLRPGLE. When you compile source that is SQLRPGLE it calls the SQL pre-processor.

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Unanswered question This question has not been answered yet. However on compiling I’m getting Line no Ask Question. What exactly do you need to know? Send me notifications when members answer or reply to this question. A look at hyper-convergence vs.

change RPGLE module to SQLRPGLE – Code -The Support Alternative

It depends on whether or not this is an interact or batch application. On dump I’m getting Statement number however on Compiling the object I’m getting line no. With the exception of the status field, the cursor definition is pretty straightforward: Because I force the heading this report will always print something even if no data is selected. The question doesn’t make much sense. This makes it very easy to move a column. The report result I thought I’d include some of the report to give you an idea of what you get: Here we close the loop: In more complex programs I have only one fetch at the very top of the loop.

The main difference is that when using rpgle, you are sqlrptle to doing one record at a time processing; whereas with sqlrpgle, you can use SQL statements and processed multiple rows with a single command. Embedded SQL has been around for a long sqlfpgle.


So we’re still looking for the reason of this annoying behavior. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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However, whenever PTFs are applied, a change in behavior is expected somewhere. Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address.

Please enter an answer. Reply Processing your reply Statement 50 will follow statement 49, but there can be numerous source sq,rpgle numbers between them, especially because a single wqlrpgle can span a significant range of sequence numbers.

Still, there are costs and I match the dashes exactly in my detail line. With the above followed by the standard exit, that is the complete skeleton. Because these programs have no file specifications, the next best thing is an externally described data structure.

The program’s logic is very simple: If it says statement search for in the compile listing or visa versa.

What is the difference between using RPGLE and SQLRPGLE when updating a file? – IT Answers

Is this the right sqlrogle for every program? Answered question This question has been answered. JohnY Source sequence numbers are usually only useful for source manipulation. I checked the parameters out, but couldn’t find one matching this topic. It might be worth testing after temporarily removing the PTF to see if it changes. This is the standard loop. The single exception is the Status field that I named to make it stand out sqlrpggle the database fields. You might note that I pad my column headings with extra spaces — with enough spaces to completely fill the column.

Set the time, print the heading.

Introduction to SQLRPGLE on IBM i: Making a report

Using less than eight characters is key, because by combining a relatively short database field name with an extremely short qualified data structure name, I can still sqlr;gle the qualified field in the field name of the output specification.


Also You should learn to do a single step compile by specifying a binding directory on a H spec in the program. I like to make sure that every field that I extract from the database goes into a work variable of the same size and type as the original field. Next, I define the fields in the data structure. Step 2 of For debug, you should only care about compiled statement numbers. There was an error processing your information. I simply move it, making sure to move the corresponding column heading and dashes.

Even on Interactive debug I’m getting line no, How can I get the statement number for the program. The strange thing is that the unchanged code shows the correct length in the field xref and the SQL precompile does not display any issues, sqrpgle the compile fails Does someone know what to do, or even where to have an eye on? While externally described print files have their place especially with overlaysI often find myself using internally described files because they’re more straightforward.

We’ll send you an e-mail containing your password. Login Forgot your password? Research advances data center liquid cooling tech You might want sqlrpgoe investigate alternatives to water and fans to keep your data center cool. The last part is the array of four signed integers. Joe uses the Rational tool suite extensively, and is on the beta teams for most of its i-related products. For example a three digit or four digit number.