In case anyone is starting out on SQLyog — or if you started some time ago and would like a refresher on features you might not be using. with the enterprise version of Webyog’s flagship product SQLyog Enterprise and also available database into MySQL with the SQLyog Migration Tool. 20 Feb Views. A View is a virtual table based on the result-set of a SELECT statement. A view contains rows and columns, just like a real table.

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As I’ve said before, you still have to know how to do this stuff by hand. Working with Tutprial Results. Using a Database Management System. One last very useful tool is the “export as batch script” function found on the “DB” sqlyof. This new table contains a number of randomly generated super heroes. Introducing the Story Program. Once you’re done editing the data, you can hit the Done button, and SQLyog automatically creates and runs the SQL code needed to modify the table data.

Working with Basic Arrays.

Introducing the Spy Database. Writing the Poker Dice Program. Returning to the Petals Game.

Using Parameters and Function Values. Using the foreach loop to Work with an Array.

SQLyog Tutorial

MySQL is a client-server application. The phone list is way too mundane for my tastes, so I’ll build a new table to illustrate the features of SQLyog. Building Your Data Tables. This data server doesn’t need to be on the same physical machine you are using. Some of SQLyog’s most interesting features involve ways to export information about your tables.


Returning to the Adventure Game. Using Variables in Your Scripts. You must still understand what the code being generated does. Building the Design of the SpyMaster System.

Working with a Database in SQLyog

This would be useful if you wanted to use SQLyog to view data on a remote Web server you are maintaining, for example. It’s fine to use SQLyog while you are building and manipulating your data, but your users won’t be using this program.

Creating the spyLib Library Module. You can specify whether the resulting script generates the table structure gutorial or adds the data. Designing a Better Data Structure.

Previewing the Quiz Machine. Modifying the for Loop. SQLyog provides visual tools to help you create and modify your tables. This is a good choice if you want your data to be readable by a spreadsheet or if you are writing a program that can handle such a format but cannot do direct database access. If you type data in the last row, you will get a new record.

If you are running Windows, you can use an excellent front end called SQLyog. It’s important to recognize that you can connect to any data server you have permission to use. Working with a Database in SQLyog It’s critical to understand the SQL language, but sometimes you may want a more visual way to build and view your databases. When you are finished creating or modifying the table, the proper SQL code to perform the transaction will be automatically generated and executed for you.


From this dialog box you can generate code that will manufacture replicas of any database created or viewed with SQLyog.

It’s easy to create tutorizl table and modify its structure with SQLyog. However, you are still the programmer, and you are responsible for code in your projects, even if you didn’t write it directly. Writing a Script to Build a Table. Working with Directory Information. Your application will be the user’s interface to your database, so you need to be able to do all commands in plain text from within PHP.

With SQLyog you can choose variable types from a drop-down list, and many field properties are available as checkboxes. Check this site out sometime when you’re bored.

Returning to the Word Search Creator. Introducing the Adventure Generator Program. Using Variables and Input. The schema for a table describes important information about the table’s structure. Using the switch Structure to Simplify Programming.

SQL Tutorials: SQLyog

Once you’ve gotten a view of a table by selecting the table and pressing tutorrial Enter key you can go to the tools menu and select “Export Result Set. This freeware program makes it much easier for you to create, modify, and manipulate databases. Most of those options are not important for now.