The Steps Method is a method to teach children to play chess. A large number. That is why the manual for Step 6 differs from the previous ones. The target. Step 1. In the first step all the rules of the chess game are introduced.

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I have looked at the Yusupov books. Here players are asked to increase their calculative abilities to five ply — I move, you move, I move, you move, I move and win — and more abstract non-tactical themes are considered. I was curious about several things.

Its success speaks for itself. In the first step all the rules of the chess game are introduced. In this chapter, suggestions are made for every “lesson” as to how to work with different age groups. The issues of the exercises are the same as in the manual.

The “Stappenmethode” Complete Chess Training System – Chess Forums –

Pawn play is emphasized, as are elements of rook endings and good rook handling 7 th rank and open files. On the remaining 42 pages there are always 12 positions a page. But I, srappenmethode so many juniors attracted to the game, stuck with it. The proof is, as always, in the pudding.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. There is nothing mysterious about the Steps Method. It is a criticism of teaching methods and an advocacy of intuition and trial and error in chess learning.

Two books — Stepping Stones 1covering roughly Lessonsand Stepping Stones 2covering Lessons — are also available. Tactics, as Brunia and van Wijgerden constantly reiterate, are what win and lose games at this level. I think that for beginners and less talented players — the vast majority of us — the structured approach found in the Steps is helpful and perhaps necessary. Fill in your details below or click stap;enmethode icon to log in: The manuals contain scripted lessons, teaching examples, and information on good chess pedagogy, i.


In Step 2, designed for players up to orplayers are introduced to the building blocks of tactical play. This puts him right at the cusp of what the Steps deem an appropriate age for effective chess education, so after an initial assessment, we began with the Stepping Stones 1 workbook. I think the steps work books are incredibly useful. Just like in a real game, you do not know whether you can win or whether you have to defend. Stappwnmethode in the ending Finally we look at a game or two with an interesting tactical twist.

Things are very different in the Netherlands.

The level of difficulty is higher than in the basic workbook of Step 6. It is helpful to remember that every child will require a different amount of time to master every phase as defined in the introduction in the manual “How children learn to play chess”.

The Chess Steps

Still, it has its critics. What I do notice is greater tactical acumen in my play. The lessons from the first step at the start of the introduction are our starting point.

This, to my way of thinking, is the point of the Steps Method. In the first half of this extra workbook you will find tasks with the same themes as were dealt with in the workbook for Step 1. Mar 22, 5. My example is perhaps the example to avoid, the proverbial jumping into the deep end without adequate preparation, but it is also entirely typical of how most Americans learn the game.


Forums General Chess Discussion Milliern. But a real chess player will not be put off by them. Third thread from the top looks promising since it has a couple of links.

We must tackle this vision as our top stappsnmethode, or stappemmethode it will remain a serious weakness for longer than necessary. In Step 1 the student really has to think, otherwise he won’t succeed. From some of the stuff on the site, assumed it was very likely the case that step 4 was more suited for people trying to makenotbut I might be stronger than my current USCF rating.

The puzzles are really a challenge. Feb 27, 2.

The Steps method

You are commenting using your WordPress. Feb 28, 4. Many of the themes covered in earlier Steps return here in more complicated form, and heavy attention is given to strategy and endgames. Our young footballers spend their time playing games weekend after weekend when not playing other sports and the quality of their coaching is a crapshoot. Notify me of new comments via email. Manual for independent learners Step 6 Workbook Step 6 Manual for independent learners Step 6 Manual for independent learners 1 st edition pages with drawings.