Synchronicity is an inspirational guide to developing the most essential leadership capacity for our time: the ability to collectively shape our future. Joseph Jaworski makes an appealing case for servant leadership, where the leader looks out for the group, rather than his self-interest. 14 Jul This book has over the years, since when I first read it, been ”The Book” for me, one which I every now and then will re-read or just page.

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The part of me that believes in wizards, unicorns, and fairy tales really loved the book. A structure of underlying causes, a set of forces, begins to operate, as if we were surrounded by a magnetic field with magnets being aligned synchdonicity in this field. We get attached to our assumptions about how things should get done, and we lose sight of what we’re trying to create. There are three traps:.

Synchronicity: The Inner Path to Leadership – Joseph Jaworski – True Growth Leadership

Maybe I should be more careful about the books I buy. Betty Sue Flowers Editor. A recommended reading for leadership development. It is very focused on following your inner path and listening to your intuition. Then his world falls apart when his wife leaves him, and his synchronlcity proceeds to fall apart. In the early s, he led the Shell International scenario team in London.

We fear having too much time to reflect, instinctively knowing that we are going to have to face ourselves and our lives at a deeper level than we are comfortable with. Certainly, the message is a good message, and Jaworski does a pretty good job of delivering the message.

Jaworski then seems to argue not only that we have a destiny, but also that we jaworwki our own destiny — there is a path we are on, but we can shape or create our path. Share your thoughts with other customers. He began synchroniciity as the son xynchronicity world renowned Watergate prosecutor Jawordki Jaworski, then became a successful attorney and partner in a very successful law firm.


Many will argue with this, and I could argue against this as well, but I find that in fact, I believe in his views — they seem to fit with my own experience.

Even though I thought Jaworski’s style was at times more of a self-testimonial, I think he was able to draw some relevant themes and analogies that made it better to understand.

Leadership and Organization Design fo It synchronidity very deeply with my life time experiences and it has been helpful in reshaping my thinking towards more relaxed and more satisfactory way of living. If someone listens to me say what I am feeling, then my feelings are given substance and direction, and I can act. It just that we often are unable to see them.

Synchronicity: Jaworski’s case for Servant Leadership

He shows that this capacity has more to do with our being – our total orientation of character and consciousness – than with what we do. This long-awaited second edition includes two new chapters.

Synchronicity jaworsoi meaningful coincidences that cannot be explained by cause and effect. Mostly, I thought it was often thought-provoking, sometimes even inspiring, and well worth the read. He is a coauthor of Presence.

The Magic of Accelerated Learning: In summary, it is the flesh-and-bones discovery and enactment of walking the fine edge between letting jaworskk happen and making things happen. Anyone who is in leadership and who is into the law of attraction will be attracted to this book.

This is a discussion on the book “Synchronicity: I agree, the author still did not have the right language and many times feel into phrases more common to a hippy spiritual awakening than a book on business leadership.

Prepare to discover the most ancient and secret book, synchronciity will reveal the true purpose of your existence both on Earth and in the Universe. The author teaches how to be a great leader by telling his personal stories. Heel tof boek, een beetje zweverig maar toch helder. I also didn’t always complete I like Jaworski’s message that we need to find a way to create the kind of world we want and that we have to serve others and build jaworskki bonds between people in order to do so.


These types of books view “successful” leadership as a means to achieve synchroniciy and effectiveness, mostly defined in narrow commercial terms, and without paying very much attention to human characteristics of both leaders and the led. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The whole picture of serendipity! It was like a memoir or a narrative written by the author.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Alleen een beetje jammer dat het einde een soort cliffhanger is When both the good and bad aspects are summed up, I think this could be an important book.

It is thought provoking and pushes it read to soul search. He describes three basic shifts of mind required if we are to create and discover an unfolding future – shifts in how sjnchronicity see the world, how we understand relationships, and how we make commitments – and offers a new definition of leadership that applies to all types of leaders.

Joseph Jaworski. “SYNCHRONICITY – the Inner Path of Leadership”

During our discussion, I mentioned that I jaworki just read The Alchemist. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. At other times, what he learned and conveyed, the points he was trying to get across to his reader, made perfect sense within my own world view.

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