The Colonel has ratings and 90 reviews. Petra X said: This book is banned in Iran because the author will not allow the censors to edit it to reflect. 1 Jul The Iranian writer Mahmoud Dowlatabadi’s book “The Colonel” has just been published in the United States even though it has not yet come. The Colonel is a novel about nation, history, and family, beginning on a rainy night when two policemen summon the Colonel to.

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Gosh, this book is grim. His writing never ceased though, and over the course of fifteen years, he produced his magnum opus: The common denominator of Iranians is the literary sublimation of their deepest political differences.

Mabmoud he makes his way to the funeral of his young son, a victim of the Iran-Iraq war, he is accompanied by the headless ghost of Colonel Pesyan, a nationalist hero, as well as the bloody corpse of his wife.

Colonell the government censors fear the silent and unstoppable content of these marks far more than any words surrounding them? Mahmoud Dowlatabadi’s The Colonel. Both the colonel’s and his son’s memories are intertwined with what happens in the present and the reader is challenged not only to make sense of another culture but also of the story line.

We cannot enjoy the original Persian, but we can see the straightforward way in which he draws his characters, exposing their weaknesses and failures while at the same time acknowledging that one could not have done differently. The Colonel is a novel about nation, history, and family, beginning on a rainy night when two policemen summon the Colonel to collect the tortured body of his daughter, a victim of the Islamic Revolution.

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi

It is a big pity that I could not read “Colonel” in Farsi. Nov 12, Mehdi Miri Disfani rated it really liked it. The individual stories merge in the manner of a tornado that forms and strengthens, as chaos and a foreboding sense of doom becomes ever present. Inside his house, the colonel stared at the portrait of the famous military hero —The Colonel, long executed.

At least one of you should look out for himself. It’s more like something Kafka would have written.

Its members serve as allegorical figures representing competing ideologies which, in many mahmuod, have torn not just individuals but Iran itself asunder. Feb 06, Literary Review The rated it it was amazing. But no, this did not really provide the old man with an easy answer, either. I guess I am about three-quarters of the way through. Though his father had little formal education, he introduced Dowlatabadi to the Persian classical poets, Saadi ShiraziHafezand Ferdowsi.


What a story and what a night! Reading the book for me, as an Iranian reader, was like pieces of a puzzle falling into place. Mahmoud Dowlatabadi was born into a poor family of shoemakers in Dowlatabad, a remote village in Sabzevarthe northwestern part of Khorasan ProvinceIran.

It’s the portrayal of human nature at its most vulnerable state. The wife of the main protagonist killed by him as she was unfaithful son approved of this. Oh, my poor mahmouud Amidst constant textual breaks between flashbacks and hallucinations, time periods can only be ascertained by determining which characters are alive mamhoud dead within a particular section.

Ich werde Euch coloonel dem Laufenden halten, was ich darueber denke. At dwlatabadi point where the story begins Amir and his married sister are the only children of the colonel still alive. In this way, Dowlatabadi and Beckett whose Waiting for Godot has been popular dowltaabadi Tehran for decades speak a similar language. Quest for power justifies reasoning any injustice. Eventually, Qavam and then-minister of war Reza Khan later Reza Shah Pahlavi captured and beheaded Pessyan, making him a nationalist hero to this day.

Two children remain, but the eldest son is sunk in an unresponsive nihilism as a result of the failure of the Communist faction mahmoudd supported, and his daughter Farzaneh is married to an opportunist who shifts his allegiances with the changing political leadership.

I wish I can get hold of the original version of book to read it for the third time in its original language. In the end, perhaps the colonel’s wish that his children lead independent lives was a reaction on his part against a life which he felt had been imposed upon him. Dowlaabadi is a novel of the Iran-Iraq war Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The novel switches views between the Colonel and his eldest son, Amir, who fought as a communist in the revolution, only to see his friends and comrades purged as the Islamists consolidated power leaving Amir guilt-ridden and on the brink of suicide.

I have to say the experience of reading on a screen is nothing like as enjoyable as holding a nice paper book. Really hard to read, really sad He has five children. Colonel takes us through our history; a history that does not have a winner but certainly has a looser; Humanity! The crimes that have been visited on my children have been committed, and still are being committed, by young people mahkoud like them, by people stirring up their delusions, giving them delusions of grandeur.


This is just one instance among many where I fell short as a reader.

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi – Wikipedia

The book goes through a set of events all happening in one night with references to past. My full review of The Colonel can be found here: Dowlatabadi pioneered the use of the everyday language of the Iranian people as suitable for high literary art, and often examines the lives of the marginal and oppressed in his work, such as in his previous Melville House title, Missing Soluchhis first work translated into English.

She died in custody and he must bury her before dawn in an unmarked grave. We must resist reading it as didactic; this translation is not an education lesson about Iran, its people, or the revolution precisely because such content never existed for Patterdale to translate in the first place. Everyone in the family is fighting for or supports a different faction, the Shah or the Ayatollah or the government regime which isn’t quite the same thing.

But if this work, edited for nearly thirty years in concealment since its genesis as a nightmare the author experienced in during the Iran-Iraq war, remains unpublished in Iran where Dowlatabadi still liveshow does it exist in an English translation? Perhaps most damaging of all, these views ignore a literary tradition thriving for a millennium, not least because Persian unlike English, French, and countless other languages has remained relatively unchanged for more than one thousand years.

And although her bones seemed poured into her skin, her stature was not broken. We should feel sorry for our immediate neighbors, our fellow townsmen and fellow countrymen, if any of their young men should come back from the edge of immolation only half-burned, if they descend from that height only to discover the truth they have found is nothing but specious doctrine and bogus ideology.