The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif follows the extraordinary journey of Najaf Mazari from the despair of Afghanistan under the Taliban regime to the flowering of a. Najaf Mazari and Robert Hillman’s The rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif: insight text guide / Ruth Thomas. 1st ed. (pbk.) Insight text guide. 6 May The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif begins in the Woomera Detention Centre where Najaf Mazari is locked up alongside other “illegals” and.

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He begins to fear for the future of his beloved ones and despairs at their hope for peace.

Have to admit that I couldn’t quite make it to the end. Gorg Ali was a constant source of solace and guidance and after his death Najaf finds it difficult to work, live and breathe.

The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif – English Works

That is a rar An extremely heartfelt, honest novel about one man’s struggle through something that most of us will never even begin to comprehend.

He has a huge heart, Please read A shepherd boy from the mountains of Afghanistan, Najaf became a rugmaker of genius but was forced to flee his homeland under the onslaught of the Taliban. Be the first to ask a question about The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif.

Anyone who doubts a refugee’s experience and limits it to the fact that they “just want to come to Australia” or any other pathetic excuse they conjure should read this book and probably many others if we are being honest.

If only more people read it, the government would be less able to get away with their even-more-atrocious-than-Howard-era policies on asylum seekers because this story humanizes them in a compelling way. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

If you enjoy autobiographies, I would recommend this, but make sure you thoroughly do, or else this particular writing style may become annoying. Najaf describes how many of the refugees in the detention centre live in constant fear of being deported to the country that caused them so much trauma. Now all I have to do is convince Will of that.


The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif by Najaf Mazari

Jan 31, Sam Buttigieg mazar-e-sharig it did not like it. This book allows readers to understand the motivations and contexts of the ruymaker asylum seekers lead and the circumstances that necessitate their risk taking. We learn much about his family background and the losses he has endured. Dec 22, Ke Bru rated it really liked it. Return to Book Page.

Open Preview See a Problem? This is the story of how Mazari, when confronted with persecution and possible death at the hands of the Taliban, decided to leave his wife and young child, flee across mazar-e-shsrif border to Pakistan, make his mzar-e-sharif across the Indonesian archipel quietly furious about the Howard government’s treatment of refugees and determined to put a human face to the hardships endured by refugees, he has found an Afghani rug-maker, Najaf Mazari, and crafted his personal story into a moving tale of courage and tenacity.

These are important works, and I struggle to see how anyone can read them and fail to be moved. The story weaves chapters from the present with incidents from the past.

The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif

I appreciated reading a more authentic perspective of the experiences of an asylum seeker. This book is beautifully crafted. May 29, Jane Odgers rated it really liked it.

Want to Read saving…. This is one of Wills year 12 books. Jun 12, Russell rated it it was amazing. Told matter-of-factly in the past and near to present time, the experiences that Najaf Mazari endured in achieving his desire mazwr-e-sharif become an Australian is very moving. During typical raids in Mazar al Sherif Najaf Mazari recounts how the young Hazara men are shot on the spot You must be certain before you pull that trigger. They live in such a mazare-sharif of tension and trauma that many descend into the depths of despair.


Afghanistan is a country of contradictions, with a very complex history and this books enlightens the reader about the reasons that many flee their country in search of a better life. This is one man’s story but is obviously representative of many. The Hazaras are expelled from Mazar el Mazar-e-syarif.

The Rugmaker Of Mazar-e-sharif

Jan 30, Karen rated it it was amazing. From author Arnold Zable: I was very warmed by the happy ending in this book, and hopefully Najaf continues to spread his story to others. Mzar-e-sharif yet He can, so it is said, for His heart is great and His forgiveness infinite, if the sinner repents. For Najaf, who grew up in a war-torn country, freedom becomes a cherished and non-negotiable commodity.

I loved this book. And when the man is ready to take his place on the earth, God must feel the pride that I feel when I look at the rug I am weaving, at the strands that bind closely together and knot and make a pattern, and at mazzr-e-sharif beauty of the colours.

Mazar-w-sharif Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif is a beautiful and wise book. I’d love to send copies to our pollies in Can Even though you know he’s going to make it through all the hurdles, because you’re holding the book in your hands, you’re still captured by his experiences. However, the book was so badly written I found it frustrating to plough through. How can succes This work is an outstanding achievement.