VA FORM 21-8951 PDF

4 Apr Note on VA Form This form is essentially a blank version of Form It will not have the number of training days listed and you. Form, , Notice of Waiver of VA Compensation or Pension to Receive Military Pay and Allowances, VA Form ().pdf, No, Paper Only. Fill Va Form 21 , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software.

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Their customer service support reps should be able to answer this question. So instead of March will it now be Mayetc?

The VA will send you the form each year to verify your service, and which pay you wish to waive. Information Found on Form Your form will show the fiscal year and the number of training days you performed during the year.

However, the veteran is always required to sign and return the form. That form is no longer valid. You can do this by using the Drill calculator or looking at your W-2 from myPay.

Brian, I served over six years on active duty. You can waive your disability compensation by contacting the VA once you join the military.

There are several ranks that earn less than that per month. Comments I just finished reading this article and I almost fit this situation.

Waiver of VA Compensation to Receive Military Pay – VA Form 21-8951

It is almost always better to 21–8951 your military pay instead of the VA pay. He NOT disputing this. But you have bigger issues at that point — not being able to perform your assigned duties could lead to a Medical Evaluation Board. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


Here is more info on a reduction in a VA disability rating. However, we will not adjust your award until we have advised you of the specific changes we propose to make. If you elect to waive your VA disability compensation, then the VA will withhold that from future payments until they recoup they amount you waived the previous fiscal year.

Waiving your VA disability compensation does not have any effect on your mileage, lodging, per diem, or any other military pay.

Veterans Administration (VA) Disability Compensation (DC > U.S. Army Reserve > News

A normal drill year would be approximately 63 military training days: When your unit has sign in you do not sign your name. News Archive – Search by Year and Month 20 7 9 2 1 1 1. You may find it beneficial to have a benefits analysis done with a Veterans Service Organization.

It will not have the number of training days listed and you will need to self-report the number of days for which you received pay. Brian, Please back up your statements with facts, not hearsay. I had check the block from waiving the military pay for va benefits at which I do not get much of this. I have a service-connected disability rating and have first hand experience with the payment process for drilling members of the Guard or Reserves who also have a service-connected disability rating.

Jeremy, Thank you for contacting me. I do not believe in this law for myself getting injured in Iraq and still serving under contract but yet cannot be compensated for both, as if I had planned on getting a spine injury?

If you disagree with the contents of this article, please cite the section you disagree with and back it up with facts and references, not a simple statement that the entire article is wrong. Instead, he recommended simply letting the days accrue and then having that number of days of compensation withheld from future VA compensation payments.


I am fully aware of how the concurrent pay works, and that I should waive the VA pay for drill days upon receiving the form at the turn of the new year.

For the 63 days, you can only collect compensation from one source, either the Department of Defense or the Veterans Administration.

Reservists and National Guard Members Disability Comp

Many of them have service officers who are trained in submitting benefits claims. Flrm was not able to do 15 days active duty training because of my college. So in the example you gave above, the VA would normally withhold the VA disability compensation for the first two months after processing the form, then an additional 3 days.

The amount of money the veteran received as separation pay will be withheld if a member later receives VA disability benefits or a military retirement. This is something they should have come across before and should be able to help you with. The veteran can contact the VA to have the withholding percentage changed if needed.

My husband was discharged from the army due to reduction in force and received separation pay. Social Security is good but it is taxed. But you should always run the numbers to verify.

If the information on your form is correct, then check the first box in the first section. If needed, just contact the VA and ask them to change the withholding percentage to pay off the balance more quickly. Thank you for your time and leadership. Hello Martinez, Thank you for contacting me. Start with looking up your VA service-connected disability compensation rate. Are you required to tell anyone?