hand book of vamachaar vamachar yoga vamachara path sex therapist yoga teacher nonsanctioned use tantric practices swami madhavananda taantrik rites . 10 Mar Vamachara, Tantric Practice – Informative & researched article on Vamachara, Tantric Practice from Indianetzone, the largest free encyclopedia. A forum discussion exploring Vamachara (Vamacara) Tantra from the perspective of Vedic and Dharmic tradition.

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The sadhana of pancha makaras is strictly prohibited for the Pashus. Diksha initiation can be given by the Guru and the technique of sadhana for realization of siddhis; then the disciple must practice in accordance with Guru’s upadeshas. I am an advaitist Hindu and a strong atheist. References are many, U may easily find them in studies of these two cults. Sex is a natural way to manifest Ananda, bliss of Brahman as it is present in the world and body. They form part of a rite performed by those of the class called Viras heroes.

One who is adept in investigating the relation Samarasya between Kula and Akula i. Such practices can be both simple in appearance and difficult in technical implementation. The Vajasaneyi verses mentioned above tell us that the queen and the priest are to be raised up high by a few persons and in that position they are required by the ritual to have sexual intercourse.


The possibility exists that it was comparatively late that the tantrik schools went “underground”. As for it being taboo, i just remember in a documentary a father in India being very upset that his son became involved with it. Jan 25, Messages: It is irrelevant, in the final analysis, whether these sadhanas were or are literally performed, or whether they are hypostasized entirely into mental configurations. I said Jnani shoud stop using usages of tongue and genitals which are not vital.

I’ve included scriptural citations relating to Vamacara Tantra mentioned in the commentaries in the chance these could be accessed outside the theosophical libraries in India as well as excerpting a stirring ode to the practice of Vamachara Yoga.

Vamacara Tantra – The Yoga of Pleasure and Power

I have not eaten the food odananor the odana me. No, create an account now. This is just another way to market and re-package sex therapy. The Kameshvara is he who desires to create the universe as described in the Shruti: Kaula sadhana Archived at the Wayback Machine. Their main error is to confuse Tantric vwmachara They can be born in heavens too but they don’t get moksha.

VAMACARA isn’t part of the adolescent male’s quest tabtra dissolving the body in a ball of light, or seeking to conquer physical mortality.


They wear white clothes and believe that even women can achieve Moksha. This known as panchamakara Five “M”s five species of pleasure, namely: This is followed by tajtra more stages of divya bhava.


For He only is the cause of bliss. In this achara the sadhaka has to follow some rather strict purity-impurity rules.

vamachara tantra

Vama Devi is worshipped in Vamachara. Within this bio-spiritual context then, we find the practice of Yoga as an expression of this continuing process of inclusion and integration. Retrieved from ” https: Vamachara is a valid path in Hinduism, and necessary part of Tantrism. Therefore,reject other pujas and do Yoni Puja.

VAmAchAra There are again many explanations for this achara. All of Nature is then perceived as a sacred manifestation of the Divine, where there is no tanntra between Spirit and Nature, Mind and Body.

The panchamakara five “m”s are vamacbara intercoursemadya liquormudra beanmamsa flesh and matsya fish. Discuss about the Indian culture, custom, mores, ethnicity and tradition. On the contrary, the transcendence reached by such meditative work does not construct anything in the mind of the practitioner; instead, it deconstructs all preconceived notions of the human condition. I specifically talk about Sahajiya branch of Gaudiya-vaishnavism and Jagannatha cult of Orissa.